Kitchen Tools used in stove

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  1. Hi! My mom was making french toast and I asked why she didn't use the metal flipper to turn the bread slices over - she remarked that it scratches the pan. I then asked why she doesn't buy the rubber kinds, and she says that she heard it may be toxic.

    Can anyone tell me if that's true? Thanks!
  2. I agree about the scratching, but I haven't heard anything about rubber/plastic being toxic. We use the silicone or plastic stuff at my house.

    I'm curious, what kind of utensils does she use then?
  3. Yeah, the metal will scratch the pan. I haven't heard anything about rubber/plastic being toxic either, though I suppose if they melted that could be true. Cooking utensils made of plastic or silicone are pretty heat resistant, though, so there shouldn't be any worry.
  4. She usually uses wood. I'll tell her about the silicone tools, as I think she may be more willing to use those. Thanks for all of the advice!
  5. Does she mean that the plastic/rubber tools might melt? I can understand that since I would not want to eat melted plastic in my food. I'm not sure if it's necessarily toxic though.

    I prefer the silicon kitchen tools the most; it's easier to clean and for the obvious reason, it's heat resistant.
  6. ^^They do sometimes, although I'm not sure if the example I had in mind counts. You see, my friend tried to use a rice scooper thing as a spatula to cook eggs, and it melted a bit. I only use my rice scoopers for rice, and they're just fine. I've used plastic spatulas (meant for stovetop), and they were fine as well.
  7. Silicone is great, I use it all the time, though you have to watch out sometimes because while the end can be made of silicone the handle could be plastic (melt) or if it's metal and sitting on the side of your pot/pan it can get hot, so either way just be cautious.
    As for plastic, a lot of people believe things made of plastic, cling wrap, containers are toxic/may cause cancer or are unsafe, esp in the microwave. I'm hearing this from a lot of people, they don't have a reason or much proof to back it up but they'd rather avoid it, do you think this is the reason your mom avoids it too?