Kitchen Table/Countertop Question!

  1. OK so SO and I went to look at furniture yesterday, and both of us fell in love with this GORGEOUS table.:drool:

    The only problem that I can see is that the table is a bit taller than a traditional table...its not as tall as the cocktail tables you see at the Cheesecake Factory, for example, but I am still worried that having a taller table might look weird with a counter tops that are a standard height.:confused1:

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!:heart:
  2. Where are you plannig to put the table? If it's taller, it would look nice in back of a couch.
  3. I'm big on buying what you like & making it work somewhere. I am so dang picky about furniture & home decor. I think tables behind a sofa that floats in a room look great.
    Our eat in kitchen table is taller than most. My counter tops are at 36 inches & this table is 32.5" tall. Its a mosiac marble inlay from Italy, (even the base) so its not like I could get it in any size I wanted. The chair (Emerson brand) were specially made for it so they are the right height for the table. Everything looks apporpriate till you get out the tapemeasure. But they are far enough away from the counters so its really not noticable. People mention the look of the table not its height.
    Again buy what you love & find a way to make it work & you'll never be sorry.
  4. Great advice, ladies!

    I am so in love with this table...I think we will go buy it sometime this week!
  5. i say if you like it then go for it. i'm sure it won't look silly.
  6. When I bought my table I went though the same dilemma. I ended up getting a traditional height table because I thought sitting at a bar height table every day would eventually get on my nerves. I find the traditional height tables more comfortable so I kept looking and eventually found a really nice one.
  7. ^good point...although I am 5'10" and SO is 6'2" so the taller height actually makes sense for it makes it harder for my Chihuahuas to beg! LMAO!!
  8. i love the bar height tables! but then again i'm 5'10

    the regular table height is classic though...
  9. Just saw it's legs!

    Kidding.. I assume you asked if it comes in a different height?
  10. I guess I'd make sure the chairs you're planning on using work with the height of the table.
  11. Charles-- yes, it does come in a shorter, more 'normal' height...but I kinda like the look of the taller one...its DIFFERENT, KWIM?

    LeeLee-- good point! But the table is actually a set that comes with four chairs/stools that work perfectly with it :smile:
  12. Oh, that's great news! I hope you decide to get it!
  13. We have that kind of table and it is in the dining room which is connected to the kitchen. Our center island is the same height as the table and it looks good! I can send you a pic to your email :p
  14. I love the bar height tables. If you love it, go for it!! I wish I could have a taller table in my ceilings are traditional height and the eating area is pretty small so it would look out of proportion. But those tables are gorgeous!!
  15. I have a pub style table and I love it. I honestly never even thought about it being taller than my kitchen counter, we've had it about 2 years and it doesn't bother us at all.