Kitchen Hints

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  1. Did a quick search, came up empty, so here goes. Move/Merge if needed.

    Tired of cleaning your smooth top range? I was. Started laying out a sheet of aluminum foil over the surface. Use a marker to outline the burners, then cook as usual. Foil transfers the heat fine. When you're done, pitch the foil away, complete with spills. No mess on the cook surface unless you manage to tear the foil at some point.

    Your kitchen hints?
  2. I use an oven liner that makes cleanup easy too. It's easy to pull the liner out when I have a rare spill and clean it instead of having to clean the entire oven floor. Believe I got it at Target.
  3. My dollar store sells these! They're perfectly cupped on the sides and corners. Best invention ever. :yahoo:
  4. Save used dryer sheets. (I keep a container under the sink of them) When you have a messy or burnt on pan etc. Throw a couple in the pan with some water. Wait an hour or so & wipe away mess!
  5. I use one of these - I also wrap it in foil so I can just toss the foil and keep the liner.
  6. Well my hint is instead of using those yucky stinky oven cleaners. You can spray any orange cleaner on the oven when it is warm and wipe off and it will take away any burnt marks or black stuff. Leaves your oven spotless...
  7. I keep a toothbrush under the sink to clean small, hard to get areas, like the drip pan under my icemaker shoot!
  8. Craft Sticks (big popsicle sticks, look like tongue depressors) work great for getting difficult cooked on gunk off of pots, pans and cooking surfaces without scratching.
  9. Pour some baking soda on anything caked on and add just enough water to make a paste and scrub it with a sponge. This works for everything from burnt on gunk on pot and stovetops as well as cleaning toothpaste and scum in a sink or shower.