kitchen disasters...share

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  1. i decided to make pinto beans for my family, for a mexican dinner...i usually just buy refried beans in a i thought it would be a great thing to make

    so i put the beans in my cast iron pot to soak overnight

    next day i forgot about them

    2 or 3 days later, i remembered them...i took the lid off the pot...

    and i had bean sprouts, the whole pot of beans was like a garden

    i told the kids it was an experiment :smile:
  2. I consider myself a pretty good cook, but even the best of us have our share of disasters!

    Several years ago my husband requested rice casserole for Thanksgiving. I've never made or eaten this before, so I checked Allrecipes and went from there, and what my husband described. I followed the recipe, but when I had it ready to go into the pan, it just looked so... wet. So I decided to add more rice. I think I added something like 2 or 3 times the amount of rice the recipe called for. Finally it looked like what I (someone who has never eaten rice casserole) thought it should look like, and I tossed it into the oven for the recommended time.

    When I pulled it out, it looked awesome... until I tried to serve it.

    Apparently when you add extra rice to something, you will eventually pass the point of creating food and instead create actual concrete. What was in that casserole dish was impossible to penetrate with a serving utensil. There was no eating it, that much is certain. I can't even remember how we eventually got it out of the pan, but I do remember that it came out in one solid cinderblock.
  3. my whole house had just been cleaned by the maids the day before. i was cooking the next day and shaking a bottle of kikkoman soy sauce prior to using it in my all-white kitchen. my hands were wet and the bottle flew out of my hands - there was soy sauce e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. i found splatters for weeks.
  4. I didn't check the package directions for brown rice - I cooked it like you would white rice... only white takes 25 minutes and brown takes 45 minutes, so I ended up serving and eating hard undercooked brown rice to my dbf... CRUNCHY! ick
  5. well when i first got married i made an apple pie for my new husband . i set the oven on fire the juices from the pie got on the coils of the oven and small flames came out . i also put water in the oven to put out the fire bad idea
  6. Not really involved with cooking but my mom made herself some tea and then FORGOT about it, went out and the pot MELTED! My dad was livid when he came home because it could have burned our house down and because he spent a lot on the tea-pot.
  7. Hmmmm....I have a couple of "Are you serious?!" stories:

    When DH and I were still dating, he came over to my parent's house while they were out of town and I wanted to make a Digiorno pizza. I forgot to remove the cardboard bottom and put it in the oven with the pizza on top...Let's just say that the pizza was dough after 45 minutes and tasted like cardboard.

    My next story is short and sweet: I burnt popcorn. I don't know how. I don't know why. I just know that I did it. 'Nuff said.
  8. When I was 14 or 15 years old I decided I wanted to make some rice from a package. I carefully read the instructions, got the water boiling and when I went to add the box of rice... the glass pan I used exploded!

    My grandmother laughed like crazy and told me I had used the wrong pan. I cooked the rice in a glass serving dish that's not meant for cooking. I felt like a fool and I had a huge mess to clean up with my grandmother laughing the whole time.:rolleyes:
  9. I am a good cook but my skill comes from experience. When I was in my 20s and fairly new to cooking, I decided to cook a very ambitious Mexican dish for my then-BF and his fellow naval officer friend. It was a chicken dish which called for among other ingredients, a single jalapeno pepper. Well, I like spicy food and I just decided that one jalapeno wasn't going to add enough zing so I used 2 or 3. Needless to say the dish was virtually inedible, it was so hot.
  10. My biggest food related disaster was the wild boar. I paid a small fortune on the stupid meat and turned out horrible. I still remember it, we were hungry looking at out plates in disgust, and we had to order take out.
    Once I turned the stove on by accident and the tv remote control was on it and burned.
    I also burn Bialetti two-part cast aluminium espresso pots all the time, I always fall asleep while waiting to hear the noise from the pot (means the espresso is ready). I count 4 burned by now...
    My mom and me almost burned down our new home 1 month after we moved in, in Dec 1995. It was new year's eve and we locked our selves out of the house (forgot the keys behind the door) and went grocery shopping, returning we realised we were locked, we decided to wait outside until my dad and sis to come and open the door for us. My mom had pots on the stove cooking and after 2-3 hours smoke started coming out from the roof and the fire men came. Only the kitchen was burned.
  11. When I was about 13 I decided to fry something (chicken, maybe? I cant remember), I let the grease get too hot...but, it wasnt boiling (!!! I didnt know grease didnt boil!) and we had a gas stove. Ummm...yea, I damn near burnt the house down. Thankfully the flames werent high enough to reach the stove hood or the cabinets. I learned a HUGE lesson that day!

    And Im notorious for forgetting the burner is still hot after I've turned it off. I've melted and burnt so much stuff by doing that. We even have a flat top stove and the burner will read "H" if its still hot...I STILL FORGET!
  12. Love this thread because i'm a terrible cook
  13. Well, once my mom was boiling some Asian soup, we went to church, forgot about it, when we came home, there was so much smoke, you couldn't see anything! We live on the tenth floor, and could smell the crap all the way from the bottom of the building when we got home, parking the car...
  14. OMG these stories are hilarious! :lol:

    When I was a teenager, I set our microwave on fire. I was trying to melt a stick of margarine for some reason, and I put it in the microwave on a plate - without removing the foil wrapper. I was doing something else in the kitchen and heard a weird noise, turned around and I see actual FLAMES inside the microwave. I flipped out and hit the stop button, and unplugged the microwave. I had to wait until the flames died down, and the entire inside of the microwave was black. :lol:

    Needless to say, my mom was not happy.
  15. i just had one recently.

    i was going to try and cook some sauteed onions in worchestershire sauce for these sliders i was making. I had a hamburger once with them and it was so delicious. so i figured it coudln't be that hard. well i think i got sauteed and carmelized all mixed up because i had just seen something on food network that said for carmelized onions you should cook the onions on high heat. so that's what i did! all was well until i added in the worchestershire sauce. the fumes of the onions and worchestshire were REALLY bad. i felt so bad for my cats. i'm amazed my smoke alarm didn't go off. my house smelled like burnt onions and worchestershire sauce for like a week.