kisslock problem

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  1. I finally got my stam. i believe it's authentic but the kisslock is so loose that they don' t even touch when the bag is completely closed. it's an 05 stam. what can i do about it or is that the way they are?
  2. i know that was a common problem with the 05 stams. i had a different kisslock problem where it was misaligned in such a way that whenever i would close and open the bag, the kisslock itself would scratch the top of the frame.

    what you can do is contact marc jacobs ( and they'll refer you to an authorized repair facility. i sent mine to moda express. i got it back within two weeks, and they even cleaned it for me!

    i hope that helps.
  3. tadpolenyc, do you remember how much you paid for the repair? mine has a different problem, the kisslock is so tight that i can hardly open the bag.....

  4. ^ i didn't have to pay for the repair. that's what so great about the service. they did a great job, it was done quickly, and it was free!
  5. thanks tadpolenyc, I just sent them a email.
  6. hi tadpolenyc!

    i got the email to send it to moda express in nj. is that one you sent to? did you have to pay shipping on both ways or just one way? but it says it takes 3-4 weeks to process. you'rs came back in 2 weeks? I am scared to send it. afraid it'll get lost and I have no one to call. thanks
  7. I think their contact info/number is listed somewhere in this forum if you search the term " moda." I've heard members place contact info in all the zip pockets which sounds like a good idea. Make sure you send it with signature delivery!
  8. thanks thithi. my husband actually bend the kisslocks for me so it's alright now. but he thinks it'll just get loose after a while. how do yours stay tight?
    oh yeah, after i contacted the seller about the kisslock, he denies there was any problem and acted like I was trying to scam him for money. he did offer me a refund but I would lose the shipping money so I figured it wasn't worth arguing over. but I am pretty sure his wife knew about the problem. when I am using the chain without anything in it, it just pops open. but I did hear the new models are improved. maybe Mj would let me do a trade in? haha... do you think if I send the bag, they would actually do a better job on the kisslocks? or basically this bag just has this type of problem? Thanks
  9. My 05 stam never had any problems with the kisslock, so there must be a way for Moda to tighten it if you send it in. As for the bag that I tightened myself, I ended up selling it and the buyer never mentioned anything to me. It must have stayed tight, I guess.
  10. Question: I have been looking for stams on ebay and some of them (not 2005's) have a kisslock that looks fine but the frame isn't completely tight when closed. Like on some of the pictures, I can see a small gap in the frame even when the kisslock is closed. Is that normal?
  11. Yep.