~*~ Kissberry's Collection ~*~

  1. A humble collection from a college student.:amuse:

  2. not bad for a college student! ;)
  3. Your bags are gorgeous! Love the lil' wapity!:yes:
  4. awww I love your collection - i have the green Kathleen its a great bag isn't it :smile:
  5. Hun, you have a fabulous collection! Love-Love it! And you get extra props for your Eeyores and Winnie the Pooh stuff animals...!!! :biggrin:
  6. wow!! which way in college are ug oing to? LOL cant i come?! i love that lv speedy!
  7. Wow! You have an awesome collection!
  8. I dont see anything "humble" here....hmm...I must be looking somwhere else cause this thread has a picture of a pretty Masiive COLLECTION!!!.......you know its not humble if you have a BV hehehe...j.k BEAUTIFUL COLLECTIOON!!
  9. Gorgeous collection!
  10. Thank you for the compliments everyone! yeah.. this is just a mere starter collection in comparison with most ladies on here. :rolleyes: and that Bottega..:lol: you'll never guess how much I got it for!!
  11. College student:shocked: ,,,
    What will it be like when you start working???:amazed:

    Everything is Beautiful:biggrin:
  12. How much??? Now I'm curious :P

    You're collection is beautiful! Love it all!
  13. heheheh take your WILDEST guess.:graucho:
  14. now i'm super curious! hahaha
  15. I love your Marelle backpack and Chanel Cambon. Great collection :smile:
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