Kiss These Bags Good-bye

  1. This is a thread -- not to solicite to sell, as all of these are at the resale shop - but to simply list what we are giving up to get what we want. The reverse of the collection thread.
    1) Chocolate Chloe Silverado -- used to death
    2) Chamois Betty Hobo, barely used
    3) Balenciaga Work Bag in olive
    4) Green Gucci bowling bag
    5) Gucci messenger bag
    6) Hogan Biker
    7) Anya Hinmarch - (3) so over them
    8) Dior, Miss Dior - ten years old
    9) Mombassa- never liked it
    10) LV Vernis briefcase
    11) LV Speedy Murakami in black
    12) John Galliano knit, don't know what I was thinking when I bought that
    13) Fendi baguette in leopard
    14) Fendi bag de jour in navy
    Gave DD - YSL Verushka, Donna Karan Hudson, Hogan Shopper,MJ Blake
    on the fence, light blue Mulberry Roxanne...
  2. Holy Mackeral, Tracey! You've got some BAGS there! I have nothing left to's all gone to fund my crazy Hermes addiction!!!!!
  3. Here are all the non-Hermes bags I have already given up for Hermes, I wrote "non-Hermes" because I have given up Hermes bag for the exotic platoon:

    - Louis Vuitton Multicolore Black Speedy (unused)
    - Louis Vuitton Multicolore White Speedy (unused)
    - Louis Vuitton Multicolore Black Trouville (unused)
    - Louis Vuitton Multicolore White Trouville (unused)
    - Louis Vuitton Multicolore Black Alma (used for 3 months)
    - Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon (unused)
    - Chanel Pink Tweed Medium Classic Flap Bag (unused)
    - Dior Hawaiian Glamour Saddle Bag (unused)
    - Fendi Fuchsia Gold Metallic Vanity Bag (unused)
    - Fendi Metallic Pink Mama Bag (unused)
    - Fendi Pink Monogram Baguette (unused)
    - Fendi Pink Monogram Mama Bag (unused)
    - Prada Fuchsia Pushlock Bag (unused)
    - Isabella Fiore Pink Wicked Heart Bag - signed by the designer (unused)
    - Isabella Fiore Pink Embossed Python Bag - signed by designer (unused)
    - Isabella Fiore Pink Dangerous Curves Bag - signed by designer (unused)
    - Kate Spade Pink Nylon Sam Bag (unused)
    - Dooney & Bourke Nile Ostrich Pocket Zip Top Bag (unused)
    - Dooney & Bourke Pink IT Pocket Zip Top Bag (unused)
    - Dooney & Bourke Metallic Fuchsia Top Handle Bag (unused)

    There were a few that I really beat myself up for selling because I either sold them below 50% of what I paid for (such is the case for Dior and the LV Cherry Blossom) or that they are rare item (such is the case with the Isabella Fiore bags).

    Anyways, I'm sure there had been more that I gave up, but I have blocked them out of my memory. Of course, there are things (namely Hermes) that I'm in process of getting rid of to sponsor my habits, but I will not list them here as I don't want to appear I'm soliciting ...:flowers:
  4. KOU!:nuts: Oh my!!!
  5. This is so funny! I made a list a few months ago of my bag inventory. I found it when I moved offices and realized of the 18 bags on there, I only kept one. If I find that list again, I'll share!
  6. My goodness, that is quite a collection you had there Kou:nuts: . Ahhhh, the things we give up for Hermes:sad:
  7. i, on the other hand, do not feel I can part with my other bags...... my birkin will just have to wait after I get a really decent job.. hehe..
  8. In the meantime you can collect lotsa scarves and small accessories to curb the craving!
  9. Wow, where do you guys sell these?
    I love handbags myself! I have a serius addiction. I am new to the forum. I was bored at work and did searches for YSL muse and came across this.

  10. I have sold quite a few and mostly LV, Chanel, Fendi & YSL bags to fund my Hermes addiction!!! My MP feedback will give you an idea of what I've sold to date - LOL!
  11. I have sold a lot to get where I am!! I don't think there's much more I can sell though....I have 2 LV bags, but one is white and for summer use, and the other is the damier for rainy weather...and that's it beyond my Hermes collection. But if I did look at what I owned 1 yr. ago - it would be a total different list! Eeek...
  12. OMG!!! I got rid of most of my LVs to fund my H addiction and have NO regrets (there is a couple of more that I wouldn't mind parting with either:graucho:):

    LV Papillon 30
    LV MC Speedy
    LV MC Alma
    LV MC pochette X 2
    LV Cabas Alto
    LV Cherry Blossom pochette
    LV Panda pochette
    LV Graffiti Alma MM
    LV Eye Need You bag
    LV Eye Miss You bag
    LV Denim Neo Speedy
    LV Cerises Speedy
    LV Damier Speedy
    LV Large backpack
    LV Conte de Fees musette
    LV Epi Noe X 3
    LV Graffiti Speedy
    LV Mono Mizi
    Metallic Fendi SPY
    Fortuny Fendi SPY
    Wisteria Fendi SPY

    I did get a couple of super rare LTD LVs along with JPG Birkin and Kelly after I sold all of those.
  13. Hmmm...I can relate...I have learned quite a bit about handbags over the past 2-3 years...bye-bye Balenciaga, Chloe, YSL, Gucci, Fendi, a few LVs...

    My now very streamlined collection includes my black birkin...LV Cabas Mezzo for Chanel Diamond Stitch and lime greeen JC Ramona bags for the "jungle" and China...

    I so need an H fix...soon!
  14. ...same here:all LVs,chanels and balenciagas are gone for Hermes!
    and i am really happy with my decision!!!
  15. Oh yeah, I can certainly relate to this thread as well...I've sold many of my bags (including some H bags) to fulfill more H cravings.. Some no regrets, but some with heartache..:crybaby: