Kiss Nail Dress Polish Strips

Jan 2, 2008
Definitely Rave! This is my first time trying nail polish strips, but I'm one who hates when my nail polish I thought I'd give these Kiss Nail Polish Strips a try! I applied them on Sunday (which they are very easy to do), you just stick them on and file the excess off (it says right on the package) and even comes with a small nail filer. It was about $8 for 22 strips, which if you wanted to replace ones that happened to come off you could. Its a one time use unless you have a little girl, you could probably put the extras on her if you wanted! :biggrin: All in all, these strips are suppose to last 10 days. I will update this thread after about a week to see how they are. But so far so good and it is Day 4. I will definitely be getting other patterns and plain colors to try!


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Jul 23, 2011
Pretty! Did you use a top coat? I've used strips by Incoco, Sally Hansen, OPI, China Glaze and Sephora by OPI and Incoco is the only one I've been able to use without a top coat.

My experience - I picked these from the swap box a few days ago. The ones I got were "Corset" a really fun neon dot design. I put them on one hand this morning and loved the colors on me. I put top coat on (Out the Door), rembering having read that you used top coat over strips and they've lasted a few days. Well, don't do that with these!! They bubbled up and weren't cute anymore. Fortunately I had only done one hand, and there are enough in the box for me to get a new set. I don't think these are real nail polish and feel like vinyl stickers, kind of. As soon as my phone is done updating, I'll post before and after top coat pictures.

I still really like them and will use them again, just don't use top coat with this brand!