"Kiss My Face" beauty products

  1. I am really into starting a natural lifestyle lately, which includes the foods I eat and the beauty and household products I use.

    I have heard of "Kiss My Face" products and was browsing their website. The products look good and are pleasantly inexpensive. I was thinking of trying to soaps, shampoo/conditioner, and deodorants. Does anyone use anything from this line? Also, the only place I know of that carries them near me is the health food store. Are these also carried in mainstream stores? I've never noticed before. TIA! :heart:
  2. Hi! I am a huge fan of KMF products.

    First of all, I buy mine from Lowe's Foods and Whole Foods. I have heard that some Kroger stores carry the line as well.

    I use the Olive Oil soap to wash my face, and it's fantastic. It may not be best for dry skin, but I'm oily and it takes off my makeup completely without stripping my skin. LOVE it! Non-irritating either.

    Another huge rave is for their Moisture Shaves...100x better than any gel or cream IMO. They smell great and really are moisturizing.

    I've tried the Big Body shampoo and it's a little too drying for me, but then again my ends are prone to dryness since I flat-iron every other day.

    I hope this helps some!
  3. ^ Thank you! That was VERY helpful. I live in NC too, so I will check out my Lowe's store. I was also going to check Earth Fare. I am happy to hear such good things about the line. I am all about being good to myself these days. :lol:
  4. I use a lot of their products as well. Good stuff; I also highly recommend Burts Bees; they have awesome lip colors.
  5. Just wanted to add that Drugstore.com sells the product line and the prices are good.
  6. Thanks, Becca!