Kiss Me Deadly's TINY Collection

  1. Ok, so im only 22 and just have a small collection, hopefully will add more later, but as tuition bills pile up, doesnt look like it anytime soon....sigh... :sad:

    Oh well, enjoy! Sorry for the hurried pics, Ill try to find a better place in the house for more ambiance.. :heart:

    P.S. Sorry about the fingerprint on the tPF charm!
  2. That black Stam is TDF!!! :drool:
  3. thanks John, Ill post better pics asap, that was the only one that I had on my comp.. :sad:
  4. a strong start to your collection! ;)
  5. OOh, how did you get the Purse Forum keychain? I'm pretty new, so I didn't know you could get those
  6. Sorry, totally forgot to mention about your collection. I think it's a great collection! I'm 20 and mine is at about the same as yours. Don't worry, we're still young and have lots of time to build up! ;)
  7. I think when you're around 20 it's hard to have a BIG collection (I feel like I have such a small collection too)... :smile: I love your purses! you made good choices!
  8. I love your LV's ... the patina on that Speedy is TDF!! The Azur pouchette is so cute!
  9. you could order them from twinkle.tink, theres a thread going in the General Discussion area where she has info on how to get one :biggrin:

    PS thanks for the compliments everyone, I was hesistant to post because I only have like 5 nice bags
  10. Great collection and a great start!
  11. OK im updating.. I forgot my Gucci accessories:

    Continental Clutch D-Ring Wallet
    Guccissima Wristlet :heart: (off of eBay)
    Black Gucci heart coin purse
  12. Also.. my pride and joy.. My tan large Chloe Paddington
  13. congrats, all so lovely.
  14. Great collection for your age :tup:
  15. Great collection- love the azur!