Kirstie Alley's bag on Jenny Craig commercial


Dec 28, 2006
Hi I am hoping that someone can tell me what bag she has on a recent (12/06) commercial. It is a satchel type, not a doctor's bag though. Closer to a kelly type but with rounded bottom corner's & top clasp, no flap, no pockets or anything on the sides. It is quilted with a chain shoulder strap. Looks about like the size of the traditional Chanel chain, not large & open.
It LOOKS like it would be the Chanel quilted lambskin but I have never seen this style, & I have called Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills, New York, & Bal Harbour.
No one at Chanel recognized that type of bag. It is large, quite a bit larger than the Classic Jumbo Chanel.
I am in love with this & do not know what it is. Has anyone else seen it?
Or even know what other designers make classic style bags, quilted with chain?
Thanks so much for your time.
i saw that too... however it really looked like an imitation stam to me. some of the details just did not look right. it would be such a shame if they used an imitation in a commercial.

do you think it's real or not?
Thank you so much! I had tried looking up Marc Jacobs bags too but could not find it. But now that I know I will try again! I only saw it for a moment as I was not paying attention until I looked up at the end. And now they show every commercial BUT that one. Love at first sight.