Kirstie Alley Strutting Around In A Bikini On Oprah

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    Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but you can see she looks great !
  2. Yep! Just saw it on Oprah. She looks wonderful! Good for her. She should be VERY proud of herself! She's a beautiful lady who should feel good about herself.
  3. Congrats to her! Thats great!
  4. She was always beautiful, no matter her weight!
  5. She looks wonderful! I'm so happy for her, the paparazzi have been horrible to her.
  6. She looks great!!
  7. wow! great inspiration!
  8. anyone have still pics? my player dosent work
  9. I am not a guy, but my guess is that most men would rather look at her than at skinny boney sunken faced girls..
  10. I saw the original episode last year and I couldn't wait for this year update! She is amazing and WOW, did you see the other girl who had the gastric bypass surgery, she was beautiful when she was heavier but WOW, she is a knock out!
  11. Wow, she looked great!
  12. She looks great and so happy. congrats to her, I've always liked her.
  13. Wow!! She looks amazing!
  14. good for her!
  15. She looks amazing!! Good for Kirstie!!
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