Kirstie Alley Officially Steps Away from Jenny Craig Ads -Queen Latifah 'in'?

  1. Kirstie Alley Officially Steps Away from Jenny Craig Ads

    Originally posted Friday February 15, 2008 03:55 PM EST
    Kirstie Alley Photo by: ODuran / Fame Pictures[​IMG]After serving as the spokesmodel for the Jenny Craig weight-loss program for the past three years, Kirstie Alley is stepping aside.

    "Although Kirstie will not appear in future advertising endeavors for us, she does remain on Jenny Craig's maintenance program and is confident that our program has helped her incorporate positive lifestyle changes that should last a lifetime," Scott Parker, vice-president of marketing for Jenny Craig, tells PEOPLE.

    "Now that Kirstie has 'passed her maintenance baton' to Valerie [Bertinelli,]" adds Parker, referring to the inclusion of the former One Day at a Time star to the ad campaign beginning last August, "you'll see a new campaign with a new celebrity client emerge, in 2008 … one that promotes health with Queen Latifah."

    Citing Alley's "losing 75 lbs. and maintaining that weight loss for over a year," Parker goes on to say, "She's proud to have been able to participate in the creation of Jenny's award-winning, integrated advertising campaign, and says she's thankful for the opportunity to help so many other people lose weight and keep it off."
  2. I hope she keeps it off. I've read various times of her bingeing.
  3. She did manage to maintain her weightloss but she is still a big girl.
  4. I wonder how much weight Queen will lose? It's gonna be weird, I think. I've always seen her big, even back when she used to be a rapper!
  5. I wonder if she actually "stepped away" or if there's a little something more to this story..
  6. I would think that the spokesperson would only be the spokesperson while they're losing the weight. After that, they'll bring in someone else.

    The only time I heard of a weight loss program letting their spokesperson go was when Whoopi Goldberg was . . . trimmed . . . from Slim Fast. She had attended an event (won't say which, because it involves politics) and expressed her beliefs in a sexually-explicit way.
  7. I think Kirstie Alley has gained back most of the weight that she lost and that is why she is no longer a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
  8. that's too bad:sad:
  9. thats too bad....
  10. actually, i heard from someone that works at jenny craig that kirstie is gonna open her own weight loss company and therefore resigned from jenny to do so.
  11. well she certainly looks a lot better then when she first went it. whew
  12. I for one am sort of sad to hear this because I always thought Queen Latifah looked great and was (is) a positive role model in the body-image arena.
  13. Queen Latifah is overexposed IMO- when you see her in a commercial you barely pay attention because she's ALWAYS around.....
  14. Interesting.
  15. Glad to hear Queen Latifa is going to try to get to a more healthy weight. Good for her.