Kirstie Alley @ Her Yard Sale

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    Alley lined the front yard of her Los Angeles home on Wednesday with mattresses, chairs, stools and random (very random) decorations in what appears to be the ultimate yard sale
  2. Woah.. she looks, rough !
  3. yes she does look rough...jenny craig!

    shes a normal person ..having a yard sale..pertty cool.

    wonder if she had any bags out there for sale??? hehehe
  4. She's looking a bit old..
  5. I liked the way she looked back in the look who's talking days. She looks rough, but you can tell she has some charm to her.
  6. she jus like a normal person, i like her
  7. Yep. love the fact she is like everyone else. She is who she is.
  8. Anyone can look rough without makeup, hairstyle and camera magic. She's just being herself and that's great.
  9. Haha I want to buy that giant strawberry. Don't know what I'd do with it but that's pretty cool lol.
  10. Ditto
  11. Why is she running around in her nightgown though?
    She could have at least put her hair in a ponytail and put on a shirt and shorts. I have had many yard sales and you have to get up WAY early in the morning to start setting up, but that's no excuse to wear your nightie out in your yard.
  12. Maybe she would have 'fixed' herself up if she knew pictures would be taken...;)

    I'm wondering why she would even have a yard sale? I'd think she'd either donate it - or have a service come in to take it all away and sell it if she needs the $$$. :shrugs:
  13. I've actually spent a lot of time with this woman.
    She's so gorgeous. I mean, really, striking.
    And she is also one of the most quick witted, honest and funny women I've ever met.

    Her yard sale looks rad.
    Just because someone isn't middle class, upper middle class, doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to sell their own belongings. Also, I don't think she looks worse than any of my neighbours. ;)
  14. ^ I believe you! I've always liked her. She's at her own house, no need to look glam for a yard sale!
  15. I agree. Who knows? Maybe the angle and lighting too makes it look worse. I know I look great in some pics and not myself in others.