Kirstie Alley Has A Message For The Paparazzi

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  2. Can you blame her?
  3. She's a real lady, that one.
  4. NOT AT ALL! that's why I'd never want to be famous! It would suck to have people following you around all the time trying to take your picture or trying to find some dirt on you.:sad:
  5. She looks good though.
  6. LOL ... indeed we cant blame her ... she's one great woman and i like her so Much :biggrin:
  7. omg.....she's a HOOT!!! Love Kirstie Alley!!
  8. i love her! i think her hair always looks awesome, i love that she hasn't cut it short as she's aged like so many other women do.

    i can't blame her at all, i'd be doing more than that...
  9. Kirstie is funny...HAHAHHAHAHAH
  10. I love her!!! She looks great, great outfit, great hair. I can't blame her at all.
  11. Not only can I not blame her, but I would have given them the twin birds...KWIM???
  12. i don't blame her! she is a tough lady! she has lost alot of weight, looking good!
  13. Yeah she is looking great :smile: she seems like a really good hearted person.
    I'd do the same as her if I were in her place...grrr must get annoying being followed almost all the time :/
  14. She's looking fantastic! Love the hair.
  15. Love her! Her book is crayzeeee- she's so funny and candid. Some of the stuff she admits to...:wtf: