Kirsten Suede Bags?

  1. What colour do you have? I want the black. :smile: I'm only 4'11 do you think it'd suit me (the satchel style) I reaally love it haha. It's annoying, I think eBay/second hand is my only option to get a bargain - I was one click away from buying a rocco from Shopbop a couple of days ago until I found out they were charging me $400 tax :wtf: I just can't afford that. :sad:
  2. For those who own this bag, do you find it to be heavy?
    I'm a Bal girl...and when I use my GH Bal bags I get crazy b/c they feel heavy to me.

    Just wondering how this bag would compare, as I'm really fond of it. I just know I wouldn't love it the way I should if it's super heavy.

    Thanks so much for your advice/opinions!
  3. Hay, I brought my Kirsten bag (the satchel style, Black and Khaki) awhile ago, I think the black one is my best purchase I use it almost everyday it has offcially replaced my Rocco, the size is perfect for everyone, got tons of compliment on it. I'm 5"7 and about 105 lbs and I don't find it heavy at all but maybe I was used to carrying the Rocco. I hope it helps.
  4. I have the Kirsten Tote in Dove Grey and I must say I have mixed feelings about it... I absolutely love how it looks, but the suede is such a nightmare. I sprayed it with Collonil and and it was okay when I got caught out in the rain with it but I am getting a lot of colour transfer no matter what I wear so I can't sit with it on my lap anymore and I have to make sure I always carry it with the same side to my body so I only get transfer on one side.

    I love it, but the suede is a nightmare :-s
  5. Yeah, I can imagine! I had a camel suede diego and it color transferred like crazy so that's why I got it in black.. and it's been fine generally. I'm sorry that you're having so many issues!
  6. hi everyone,

    this is my first post and i would like to inform you about my experience.

    10 days ago i bought The Kirsten satchel(or the Ingrid) in black from Net a porter.
    When i received the bag i examined it and there was nothing wrong.
    Yesterday i wore it for the first time and i discovered a small hole on the suede part of the bag.
    I wanted to cry because i put money aside for months to buy this bag and after less than a couple of hours wearing it, the bag is already damaged.
    For me it's clearly a manufacturing defect.

    I'm really careful with my belongings, i've got a grey balenciaga work since 3 years now and i wear it with caution(never on rainy day, never put it on the floor) and take really good care of it.

    I already emailed Net a porter and Alexander Wang customer services and i'm gonna wait and hope for a solution.
    Also living in Paris i don't have direct access to a Alexander Wang shop and that worried me a bit.

    I had a look on the forum and hoped i did it before i bought the bag cause it seems there is a lot of complaints from the A.W bags.

    So i'm just here to warn you and i want to know if girls with the same bags got problems?



  7. I totally agree with you! I got the beige satchel from Shopbop and it got dirty within one use. The suede is a magnet for colour transfer, especially when you're wearing jeans. I emailed the pics to Shopbop and asked them what I could do to clean the stains off, and the basically told me to just deal with it. I tried spraying Apple Guard on the suede too, but it doesn't help much. I wish I had gotten the black version instead! :sad:
  8. I have the small Kirsten in dove grey. I find that I almost never carry this purse because of the suede/color transfer issue. I had it protected (got it done professionally) as soon as I purchased it (didn't have problems with staining or color change). Unfortunately, the edges still show signs of wear and color transfer and I've only carried it a handful of times.

    BTW, if you buy on shopbop, they are listed on mrr***********, so you can get 3% off, and I didn't have to pay sales tax in California, so, not so much damage on the bank account.
  9. i have a brand new kirsten tote in beige,, anybody interested?
  10. You know, I still love my Kirsten. It's gotten dirty fom me (hand oils from using the zipper) but no color transfer, and otherwise it' s worn well. I still get asked about it, compliments, etc. and I haven't seen anyone else with it or a knock off, so far, over a year later.
  11. I just got the dove grey one in the mail but when I opened the box there was an overwhelming smell, maybe of protectant? Has anyone had this problem and does it go away? I might have to return it as the smell is very strong and doesnt smell good to me
  12. I'm in love with the style ... and when I get the money I have definitely considered this bag, but I'm worried the shape will wear out pretty fast and won't hold up. I like the edginess of the straps but I really wish they had a leather version! I'll probably skip on this purchase. Is there any designer bag that resembles the "essence" of a Kirsten or Ingrid anyone can recommend?
  13. Olivia Harris had some nice lambskin strappy bags. Nice contrast between the edgy look and the really soft and smushy leather. This was probably 2010 or so though - so not current season.
  14. Just bought the grey Kirsten on for $378! and super excited about this bag... so unique and different from the bags I usually carry... sounds like caring for it is tough though =( Still excited!
  15. I got sick of my Kirsten really quick. It just started to look mangy after light use, so I sold it.