Kirsten Suede Bags?

  1. I want black.;)
  2. After seeing both at NM a couple of times, I caved and decided to order one. I think it should be here tomorrow or Thurs! I love my black Rocco, but in general I'm not a huge black bag fan, so I went with the grey. I really hope I don't regret that decision! :-s IRL I loved this color the most, but ITA about the care issue!

    I also liked the Ingrid a lot, but since I keep getting larger and larger with my bags, I had to go with the tote. :p
  3. I hope you'll love your new bag!!!
    We are lucky forum members, can't wait to see mod pics from your grey kerstin:biggrin:
  4. Purchased the Grey satchel (Ingrid?) at the AW store in NYC for my birthday :smile: Got compliments on it all weekend long. It just is amazing, and I love it. I want to put some sort of suede protectant on it, but am worried it might change the color... It's a bit heavier than I'd like, but not terrible. The off-white/beige color is gorgeous too, but I figured that would stain and the black would rub off onto everything, where they grey looks dirty right from the start :smile:
  5. That's awesome, I get compliments on mine too (I've got the black).. I didn't think about black suede rubbing on anything, haven't had any issues yet, but was afraid of color transfer so that's why I stuck with black (had a camel suede Diego once that color transferred almost immediately). Love this bag!! :yahoo:
  6. I just received the dove grey Ingrid and am also concerned with color transfer. I think I will use some kind of protectant spray on it, but am afraid it may get ruined. Any suggestions for recommended products would really be appreciated.
  7. I got the Ingrid in dove grey and absolutely love it. It is positively beautiful. Just two problems-I sprayed it with melatonian spray and made the mistake of opening all the straps to really spray it well. It took me hours and hours to get them back together correctly, so I would recommend not doing what I did.
    The second problem, at least for me, is the light colored suede. I was so careful but still managed to get blue marks on it in several spots. I do not think it was denim transfer, but I cannot get them out.
    The bag is still amazing and I plan to wear it all spring and summer. I will take a few pictures and post them.
  8. I have a black kristen satchel and I adore it! I get tons of compliments on it too! I haven't had any issues with the black suede. I don't take it out if it's really raining though.
  9. I got the Ingrid in beige and it's lovely but the suede is a magnet for stains. I've used it twice and there are blue stains on it now because of the colour transfer. Any idea on how to remove denim stains from a suede bag? I'm thinking of spraying it with Apple Garde after trying to remove the stains. Such a pity because it's a really cute bag!! Should have gotten it in black instead :sad:
  10. I totally agree about the black. I love the bag and I love the grey color, but the denim transfer seems unavoidable with the lighter color. I did spray my bag before wearing with Melatonian, maybe I will Appleguard next. I was not able to get the blue out.
  11. I bought mine in black and I have to say, I don't like the way this bag wears in at all. Mine has completely broken in and I hate the way it sits now. It's now rather odd in shape and the suede is worn down in some areas. Definitely not my favourite AW purchase.
  12. I really like these bags now after seeing someone wearing one on a blog, I especially like the "ingrid" in black. Does anyone know if they are making fakes of these yet? As I found one on eBay I want to buy, I doubt they're as popular as the rocco so maybe there isn't the market for faking them? x

  13. Yes, they are replicating this bag.:sad:
  14. Oh no! :sad: I really thought they only bothered replicating the reallly coveted bags :sad: I hate fakes! Thanks for looking at that bag for me btw... will ask them for the other pics! x
  15. No, they replicate almost every AW style.
    I really love my Kirstin/Ingrid bag!
    Shop Zoe online offers discounts on AW pretty often, and they ship international. I bought mine for 20% off.