Kirsten Suede Bags?

  1. Hi! Just wondering whether anyone has bought the new Kirsten Suede bags? How do you find them? I'm interested in the style, but would like to know more about them before commit to making a purchase. Thanks for your help!
  2. Yeah, I'm wondering this myself. I'm really feeling this bag right's so cool and unique.

    I'd love to see some modeling pictures as well as inside shots of the bag. Someone help! :sos:
  3. I saw the black Kirsten at Barney's and it is gorgeous! I think lots of people are loving it, because Shopbop listed it yesterday as one of it's spring bestsellers. I was hoping to wait and get it at end of the season sales, but this one may not last. Too bad, because I can't afford to buy any more bags now.
  4. Well I went and did it. I bought the Kirsten in black! I had a tough time choosing between the Dove Grey and Black but ultimately decided on the easier color to take care of since the bag is suede. I love how deep the bag is and something I didn't know before is there's an adjustable shoulder strap that goes over the top too! It's completely adjustable like a belt! I love multiple carrying options. :yahoo:

    I got mine through Forward @ Revolve and got complimentary Overnight shipping so I get to share modeling pics with everyone some time tomorrow :nuts: :nuts:

    Thank you for the pics, doll! Now let's be bag twins. :graucho:

  5. CONGRATS!!:biggrin:
    i think the black one is a great choice, can't wait for mod pics:yahoo:
  6. It's gorgeoussss! I love it. The black is a great choice!!
  7. Thank you! :flowers:

    For the record I wanted to clarify the Kirsten/Ingrid confusion for those who are eyeing these buckled bags... It would suck for someone to buy one thinking it's the other. Here's a page I found showing them side by side. :smile:
  8. Glad you ordered it! I've seen it in person, it's pretty and I think it would be an awesome bag broken in. I have to say that it was heavier than I expected it to be, but the I compared it to the Rocco and they were close to the same weight (this was all at Barney's Co-op).. hope you love it!
  9. Congrats Mia Bella!

    I LOVE this bag!

    I tried it on in person the other day but for some reason it felt really small?
    Smaller than the Mini Rocco..
  10. Which one did you buy? I like the shape of both. I'm leaning towards the Ingrid for myself because I prefer smaller bags, but I really love the shape of kirsten.

    I can't wait to see pics!! :biggrin:
  11. Thank you! Yeah I forget who said this but I guess the Ingrid is closer to the size of a Baby Rocco. Luckily it has a shoulder strap this time around. :yes:

    I got the Kirsten. :yahoo: I compared the measurements of the Kirsten to my Balenciaga Day and they're the same size. I'm so excited because the Day is the perfect bag to me. :nuts: I really hope I love it!

    What color are you eyeing? The Ingrid comes in a cream, grey and black and of course they're all gorgeous.
  12. Thanks cin. Are you talking about the Kirsten (taller tote) or the Ingrid (Rocco-shaped satchel)?

    I got the Kirsten and luckily the handles are turned so that they'll lay flat on the shoulder. I'm hoping that'll evenly spread out any weight.
  13. Oops, I meant the Ingrid then.. I keep forgetting the bigger one is called the Kirsten!