Kirsten Dunst

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  1. Attending the 89th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood.

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  2. Best she's ever looked!
  3. Agree. This all works for her.
  4. Love her but again I'm not a huge fan of this style dress.
  5. Hands down my favorite. Glamorous and sexy as hell without showing unnecessary skin.
  6. Loved it. Loved the undone hair - a more formal style would have made the whole look too stiff. The necklace is cute too.
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  7. She was cute as a kid but she's grown up to be a beautiful woman without looking like every other woman out there. She's unique.
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  8. she looks great here.
  9. I thought the makeup aged some but otherwise I love it.
  10. In my personal top 3 list of Oscar Outfits.
    Love the dress, love the styling.
  11. Loved it!!!
  12. For Vanity Fair

  13. At LAX on March 8, 2017.

  14. She looks great. I'm glad the Hollywood machine didn't eat her alive.
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  15. I like her and she looks great in both black dress and editorial flower dress for VF. I like her since Interview With The Vampire. She was outstanding in that film.