Kirsten Dunst: West Hollywood Candids (11/18/06)

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  2. Apparently her and Orlando are together now. She must be destroyed!:nuts:
  3. I think she's cute :smile:
  4. she is cute.:nuts: :love:
  5. I liked Orlando and Kate better as a couple. I'm not a Kirsten fan.
  6. Cute :smile:
  7. I don't like her! She always look drunk and dirty to me!!:yucky:
  8. Same thing I was thinking^^^
  9. Noooo! Her and Orlando?!
  10. she either looks perfect or trashy
  11. Kirsten Dunst is so pretty:yes:
  12. She is one of the plainest celeb out there, next to Mischa or whatever her name is.
  13. I like her style very much, cute and chic .... thanks for posting