Kirna Zabete

  1. Has anyone ever purchased a B-Bag from this store before? If so, how was their selection and were the SA's helpful? (the store in Soho)
  2. I know they had a huge Chloe sale recently so you can read the thread in that subforum for comments about customer service. I know that isn't much help as to bbags though.
  3. Thats so funny I just read that thread two sec. ago. I saw the sale was two weeks ago. I wonder if they have any BBags on sale (wishful thinking)
  4. no they dont have bbags on sale called a few days ago SA told me they never discount balenciaga
  5. Guess what! I was just there and they have a black mini Twiggy on sale (not sure how much - price tag was hidden) BUT they had a Pink metallic Clutch on sale for $355. I had no use for it but I hope one of you guys grabs it! a Great deal. Also they had other Balenciaga clutches on sale, - I think, it was on the same rack but it was not the Motorcycle style.
  6. I purchased my first bag from them, a bordeaux box. Vanessa was the SA and she was very helpful--there is no tax for out of state delivery and the shipping was about the same as BalNY. However, they are not good at following up on requests for styles not yet in stock. I gave up and ordered my Cornflower from BalNY. So, mixed reviews, but worth a shot, def.
  7. My mom purchased a Chloe paddy in taupe for me from Vanessa too. The texture of that bag is to DIE for. (I've named her Sandy because she looks like a sand dune!) I know one member of the forum got a really defective and pimply looking Chloe bag from them and wasn't real happy. The rectified the situation though, so I think it turned out OK.
  8. I remember now I think the clutch they had was Metallic Magenta and they also had a Pale Rose City too (not on sale).
  9. They're fine if they have what you want in stock. Some of the SA's aren't terribly aware of what they've pre-ordered, but they do try.

    Store credit only though, so keep that in mind when ordering over the phone.
  10. I got my Mousse Paddy from them, and I love it! The SA I dealt with was incredibly nice and helpful- I think her name was Falami.