Kirna Zabete went 50% off on Chloes

  1. Becka found me a beautiful Betty with rings... I'm so happy!
    She told me she has some Jaune Paddys at $770- I want that too but I already have a paddington *sigh*

    If you're looking for a great deal you may want to give her a call.
    the number is 212-941-9656
  2. do you know what chloes are left?
  3. How much did your Betty end up? And what size did you get. You got a great deal!
  4. congrats sparkledust, what a great deal! what size/color did you get?:heart:
    (and i was just a block away from there today and decided it was too hot to walk over...oh well...) :oh:
  5. All the Paddys or just certain colors?
  6. I'm sorry I don't know exactly which ones are left, I think I remember her saying she has the Jaune and Silver paddingtons and a Silverado hobo, and some Bettys. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.
  7. I got a large chocolate with the rings- It ended up around $988 plus shipping, I purchased a large grey betty at Saks last night ($800-ish) but that one will be going back- since the chocolate one is totally TDF! It must be the studs and rings- actually I even cancelled the Edith I ordered from NM, I think that Betty is more me...
  8. I love Betty. Enjoy her.
  9. I sent them an e-mail and got this reply
    Hello, how are you ? Yes, our Paddington bags are on sale as well the color selection is limited now. We have the classic Paddington in gold, silver and mustard. The front pocket Paddington is available in whiskey and tan.