Kirna Zabete send me the wrong bag

  1. I ordered a red patent betty from them on the 15th and it finally arrived today and when I opened the bag it was CHOCOLATE, I am so upset- I really had my heart set on that deep red bag. I called them but the SA who took my order won't be in until Thurs.
  2. I hope you get this sorted out... I totally know your feeling... Just like when I was expecting my Chloe Bowler and it was a G-series ugly flower bag...
    At least you have the same brand and same design..

    I am sure they will just exchange it for you.. make sure you ask for next day delivery..=) (they should offer that for free)
  3. Thanks for your response and support brtracy, I hope I can get it sorted out. Like you said- at least it was the same brand and style. Expecting a Chloe and finding a G-series bag had to make your heart sink--

    After your ordeal with Neiman Marcus, did you ever end up getting a Chloe Bowler at all?
  4. I got it... Finally... after 10+ phone call and chat with manager.. But I had to drive to the closest NM to get the wrong one returned in the snow...

    I hope you get your chocolate one soon.. and post pictures.. =)