Kirna Zabete runaround

  1. I started writing about my my unhappy incident with Kirna Zabete in girlsgottoshop's positive thread this morning, but I figure I better switch it to its own thread so as not to confuse people by implying I got good customer service!

    What I got was a bag with MUMPS - not natural distressing, but definite protruding, patterned bumps. :amazed: So after talking to my unreceptive SA, I sent pics. And after they viewed the pics, they insist it isn't defective but will exchange it as a 'favor' - first they said I had to OVERNIGHT IT AND ON MY DIME! I refused to pay shipping, so they gave in. SA sent pics of the replacement and it's totally PLAIN JANE. SA even changed her story about how many taupes they have left. At first she said PLAIN JANE was the best of three. When I asked for pics of another to compare - "oh, actually they're flying off the shelves and there aren't three. This is it. Make up your mind - you have to do it now before I leave for 2 days because we can't hold a bag for you - we have to make them available to our customers."

    I'm so disappointed - I feel like I'm getting the dregs of the taupes - especially after calling within 10 minutes of the sale announcement AND talking at length about getting a pretty bag AND asking the SA to really look it over. And I end of with THESE?? Without going back home to see MUMPS and compare to PLAIN JANE, I can't tell which is the worse scenario so I don't want to decide right this moment. So now SA is treating me like I'm trying to pull something funny by not agreeing to take the boring-ass replacement for a MUMPY bag in a heartbeat. Horrible. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

    What would you do? I know I will NEVER purchase from them again. And I will never buy sight unseen again - total crapshoot. And I want to warn all of you not to buy a Taupe Paddy on sale from them - it will either be mumpy (they intend to sell, not claim) or boooooring!
  2. Blugenie - I'm sorry to hear that about your bag. That really bites. It is totally a mumpy bag. At first, because of the lighting, I couldn't even tell what color it was. Hang in there!
  3. I'm so sorry blugenie. That totally sucks!
    I just got a tan paddy today from Kirna Zabete and it's fine. Could they possibly exchange it for a different color? When I called on Saturday they still had several colors left...
  4. Yeah, if you could get a whiskey or chocolate you could sell it in a heartbeat!
  5. Thanks all. According to my SA (who I don't exactly trust, mind you) they now only have taupe, jaune and metallics. I asked about brown, but nope. Perhaps I'm just picky, but the second bag is just sooooo uninspiring.
  6. Oh no - that stinks! I agree that the replacement bag looks a bit sad...
  7. Is the bag in the second photo the plain Jane or a front view of your bag?

    You have photos of mumps so I would just file a dispute with your credit company and share the photos/documented conversation. That bag is most definitely defective. I actually read this post while eating dinner. I'm still gagging, no lie! The photo of the bumps completely grosses me ou t - reminds me of hives!
  8. Second photo is Plain Jane. I guess the smart thing to do aside from fighting via the CC company would be to take Plain Jane and try to sell it - instead of getting a freaky mumped-out bag that will never resell. But Taupes aren't exactly flying off eBay right now either!! :blink: What's the deal with my luck anyway - first I get CHUCKY, now MUMPY!! :amazed::lol::cry:

    Yes, roey - don't those bumps just make you want to scratch them like a bug bite??? :sick:
  9. OMG, my dinner is rising again!! And I so want to eat my dessert....

    Maybe plain Jane won't be so bad after all. It is stuffed full of tissue paper in that photo. You might be surprised...
  10. Plain Jane will look lots better without the stuffing. It'll give her a chance to hang loose and scrump her stuff! :rolleyes: :yes: :flowers:
  11. ^^I agree, I'd go with Plain Jane, wrinkle her up and then see how she looks...
  12. Thanks all for listening to my WHINE. Now that I'm home to see MUMPY again and my frustration has been soothed by WINE, I'm realizing that I really DO need to send Freaky Bugger #2 back to Kirna. I even took another picture of it - there's just nooooo waaaaaay the bumps will iron out like the SA suggested. And Plain Jane may not be so bad after all... we'll see.

    Okay, roey, don't worry about finishing your dessert cuz I'm sure you'll be tasting it again shortly! :sick: Here's a few more pics of Mumpy for posterity! :lol:

    "It's NOT defective, it's DISTRESSED!!" - Kirna SA :censor:
  13. Wow... Mumpster sure isn't looking too good there. Almost looks like someone steamrolled it over. That is so beyond distressed... it's stomped on! I'm stunned.
  14. Blu, LMAO...I love your posts...OMG..."Mumpy" is must return before you get a rash!
  15. Totally awful! I can't believe it, had to look at it a few times. Sick!! Oh Blu, I'm so sorry that first, you received a disgusting bag and secondly that you had to put up with that SA's load of crap! Hope Plain Jane turns out to be quite the beauty. She does look like she has potential. I see a bit of character, not totally smooth. I also feel that if the stuffing were removed, she'd present a lot better.