Kirna Zabete made me happy!!

  1. Hey, I just wanted to post a POSITIVE THREAD that Kirna took care of me with my Mumpy bag after all. :biggrin: You can read the end of the saga in the downer/runaround thread, but I want to say that after a stressful day they were very kind to me in the end and are refunding my money! I hope the negative thread scrolls down and out of site. This is my opportunity to give them POSITIVE FEEDBACK! And thanks, y'all for your support!! :yahoo::rochard:
  2. Oh what great news!!! :smile:

    I just started carrying my tan paddy from KZ today and I was feeling so badly for you about mumpy. :sad:

    I'm glad it's all better now!
  3. So glad to hear everything is all better, and that Mumby will be laid to rest, RIP dear bag!
  4. Really glad to hear they refunded you - you must be relieved to have the whole stressful event over!
  5. Excellent blu!
  6. Great news !!!

    Glad that they did the right thing for you GF!
  7. I'm so happy for you!!! You definitely deserved a refund!
  8. Nice! So, what is next on your list Blu?????
  9. Whew! I'm thrilled for you!! :yes: :biggrin:

    Bloemetje, would you be able to post a photo of your new tan Paddy? Perhaps start a new thread?? I have a tan from last year and haven't had a chance to see this year's tan. Sounds like you are loving it!!
  10. I am glad to hear this is resolved. What a relief. I have decided to keep my taupe paddy for the time being. The texturing on that bag is so great I just can't bear to let it go.
  11. Ramona :devil: then shoot me!! :lol:
  12. That's great news Blu! Glad it worked out.
  13. What a relief it worked out, Blu! Thank goodness!!! Good to hear that Kirna Zabete is decent afterall:smile:
  14. sounds great! i'm glad everything works out perfect for you:flowers:
  15. Whew, after that whole debacle I'm glad it all worked out! Mumpy was nasty!! :yucky: