kirna zabete made a mistake, but......

  1. Can I just say how great their customer service is?!! I ordered a medium Betty and they sent me a large. They don't have any mediums in stock, so they are giving me a refund. They didn't give me any grief about it at all. I was impressed. A similar situation happened to me once at a store credit only boutique and I had to fight like hell to get a refund. I will definitely buy from them again. :smile:
  2. oh i'm so sorry! i know how excited you there any way you would keep the large? maybe you could see if you could find the medium on sale through jag's neiman contact and if not you would at least have a back up? i'll be keeping my fingers crossed...
  3. Thanks nycmom! I don't like the large. My SA at Saks informed me that all Betty bags will be going on sale May 31st at 30% off, so maybe I'll wait until then. They have the one I want, but I'm so sick of Betty right now......maybe I'll move on. `
  4. Oh I am so sorry that happened! BUt so happy to hear that Kirna Zabete handled it so well. And that you got a prompt refund! They will definitely be getting my business in the future as well.

    And you know lisa is always there if you want anything! Let us know if you decide to go for it, or pass, or whatcha end up with! Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks Jag! I couldn't believe how great they were about it. I know it was their mistake, but some boutiques still like to try and blame the customer....just so they can give store credit.
  6. Oh I am sorry, I was hoping I'd see a fellow betty in Vegas someday, very cool that they handled it so promptly!
  7. I know, girlie!! I heard that Saks is having a sale though on Betty's. I just might go check it out tonight. I'm also falling for the Dior Rebel though. That's my problem....I fall in and out of love with handbags way too easy!!!!!!
  8. The SAs at Kirna Zabete are really great. I love dropping by that boutique every once in a while....sometimes to shop and sometimes just to drool over the latest stuff they have.

    BTW as of yesterday they still had a bunch of Chloe bags in stock (30% off of course) -- Gladys in black, turquoise, and another color; paddies in tan, silver, whiskey, and several other colors; also other Chloe styles I wasn't too familiar with. I was surprised they still had so much left in stock.

    Now I just wish they could hold a Balenciaga 30% sale.....
  9. Glad Kirna took care of you, girlsgottoshop! I just got my Kirna purchase yesterday (taupe paddy) and it's very pretty but it has these odd symetrical 'mumps' on the front of the bag! :amazed: Almost like it was pressed hard against a metal plate with holes, so there are raised patterned circles on it.

    I called and spoke to my SA this morning and she was very defensive - would hardly let me describe it and kept saying NO, WE CHECKED THE BAG THOROUGHLY BEFORE IT LEFT. IT DID NOT LEAVE THE STORE THAT WAY. THAT'S NATURAL DISTRESSING. Um, I know what natural distressing looks like - it's not symetrical. She said I could send pics, which I did, but I don't have such a good feeling about their customer service.... I'll be holding my breath.

    I've attached pics I took quickly this AM - doesn't totally capture the problem so I might have to take more - but am I crazy? :huh:
  10. Hi bluegenie! Yes, I see what you're saying in the pics. I wouldn't be happy with that. I have the taupe paddy zippy and mine doesn't look like that....there's no marks at all on it like that. I'm still wondering if they're going to refund me my shipping costs. I'm going to press it with them and if not, I'll be filing a complaint with AmEx to get my full refund. My SA wasn't truthful....she told me she measured the bag. Ummm, she was off about 4 inches. That's where she knew she had to eat it when I brought that up!
  11. It looks like bubble wrap impressions to me. Was it wrapped in bubble wrap?

    That's going to be tough. You may have to rely on your credit card company. Are you requesting an exchange or refund?
  12. Okay, I've rexamined your pics Blu since my PM, and it does look like the leather is diseased. Go get 'em! The s/a is obviously clueless if she thinks that is normal. It is giving me the creeps just looking at it!
  13. Okay, so I'm not crazy! It wasn't in bubblewrap - just tissue - and the bumps bump out rather than in - they're raised! Looks like a bunch of mosquito bites in perfect rows. The SA was so, um, un-nice or unwilling to listen that I barely got the opportunity to ask to send pics let alone ask how to resolve it. Thing is, since I was buying sight-unseen I asked her to pick out the prettiest one, and we had a conversation about what I felt made it pretty (distressing, pebbling, etc). Well if this was their NICEST one I'd hate to see its replacement if they still have any. Roo got a lovely one from them so mine must've been picked & packed after hers. I'd like to just return and be done with them - not exchange - I don't trust their ability to send me a decent bag now. I'm willing to go to my CC if needed, but I'll talk to the manager before then. I don't know why some SAs are like that....
  14. That is ridiculous! That is a defective bag- even if it was on sale, they should still stand behind their product. I hope the Manager is receptive and does the right thing! Please keep us posted!!! And good luck to both of you bluegenie and girlsgottoshop!!!
  15. Yes, I see those marks too! The Taupe bag I got from them is PERFECT. It's too bad you can't have that one instead!!!!