Kirna Zabete for Target September 9th

  1. I like the looks, I hope the quality would not be disappointing.
  2. ^The quality with the Target collaborations is almost always disappointing IMO, but I guess it is Target after all...
  3. Very true, however some collection look and feel more expensive than others. Zac Posen for example had very rich feel to the fabric, some Missoni items were not bad, specially if you stuck with the knits.
  4. The price range is up to $199! WTF?
  5. ^I wonder what would be $199.00

    I like some of the stuff. Will be checking it out.
  6. It better be a bike like Missoni:lol:
  7. That's what I thought but wasn't the Missoni bike like $400 or something??
  8. You're welcome. It's a cute jacket and I generally don't have an issue spending that much on a semi Rick Owen inspired jacket, but I still can't bring myself to spend that much at Target, specially I have a feeling the leather won't be very soft.
  9. It's a leather jacket. :smile:

    I would have to see it in person and feel it. Its so hard to tell from a picture.

    I wonder if they expect this to sell out fast like the other lines. Since, I'm a sucker, I probably will be at Target right when they open.
  10. A lot of my Missioni stuff fell apart after a few wearings. Weirdly, my seemingly fragile flats are still going strong.
  11. In stores tomorrow. Plan to get some of the home stuff (Curiosity Shop it's called?)
  12. Thank you for the reminder!