kirna zabete chloe sale

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  1. Did you call my SA Lisa at NM in Troy Michigan? I bet you she could find one for you and hold it if it goes on sale next weekend! There are a TON of bettys in my NM!!! Try giving her a call (248) 635-8442, and I will ask her next time I talk to her as well.:flowers:
  2. Yes, I did! She's going to try to hook me up! I can't wait to see if it works! Thanks thanks thanks!
  3. :flowers: Congrats to all who snagged a chloe at a great price! Can't wait to see the all the pix!

  4. Did anyone check if they have baby-paddy too? If so, $$? I'm so tempted! ;)
  5. Why am i just now finding this thread?? :oh:

    Is the sale still going on or is it over?
  6. The sale is an ongoing sale so definitely worth the call!!!
  7. the sale is still going on. im guessing they want to get rid of all their choles. here's an update:
    paddington satchel - silver, gold, whiskey, mushroom?, yellow beige, and choc brown.
    they also have other paddys too but i didn't ask for color.
    silverado - only metallic:sad: i was hoping for like brown or something.
    they still have lots of bettys. congrats everyone who purchased from the sale. it's absolutely amazing 30% off?! what a deal!:flowers:
  8. Wow! This is a really good deal! Thanks for posting this info, everyone! i'm dying for a paddington satchel! And congrats to all of the girls who were able to take advantage of the sale!
  9. Hi, I'm new and I just received a Paddington satchel today from Kirna Zabete. My SA was Becca and she was great. I have been reading the forum for weeks and had originally purchased a Whiskey Paddington Satchel from NM but returned it when I read about the sale at Kirna Z and when I received my Paddington today I couldn't believe the difference in texture and softness. It is also a Whiskey Satchel but for some reason the quality is better than the one I bought from NM online. It is more soft and broke in, or distressed. It is definitely more pebble textured than the one from NM.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the info on this sale because it saved me over $500. I wish I could take pics but my DH is in military and has camera in Japan w/him. I only have phone camera and I don't think that works on this site. It pays to network and I appreciate the info I learned on this site and all of the regulars that are so kind to pass on info like this sale. If I learn of anything, I will definitely do the same.
  10. Welcome Holliwood, and congrats on your Whiskey Satchel!!! Use it in good health!
  11. Yes! :yes:
  12. Thank you so much Jag. I started carrying it today.