kirna zabete chloe sale

  1. just got this email from kirna zabete. I was just there- they have quiet a bit in stock. go get em!


    Between Prince and Spring
    NEW YORK, NY 10012

    Monday to Saturday 11-7
    Sunday 12-6

    212-941-9656 EXT 4
  2. Do you know which ones?
  3. here's the pic from the email they sent me. they had quite a few paddys from what i can remember.
  4. I just called the store and they said it's every Chloe bag they have in stock! Oh my gawd!! Which one to get??
  5. Holy crap! Count me out but OMG! :nuts:
  6. I'm not a Chloe fan, but that's a great deal!!!
  7. :yahoo: :amazed: :nuts: :yahoo: That is an amazing sale - I am typing to this thread to live vicariously through you ladies who do decide to take advantage of this sale.

    What a fabulous deal -
  8. I can't believe I have to wait until tomorrow!!!
  9. Oh man, I want a Paddy, but then I want an Edith. I can't decide and certainly can't do both at one time. Not enough funds for that.
  10. OMG!!! I so want a Betty! I'm calling first thing......crossing my fingers!
  11. Oooohhhh!!!! Do post what they have! It's so tempting!!!
  12. Mercer, you know if they had any medium Betty's in stock? Oh I won't be able to sleep tonight!
  13. ^^^ I so hear you. I've been wanting a Betty lately too. What size is the medium? I don't think I've ever seen one yet... Only seen the larges.
  14. I don't know the dimensions of the medium. I've tried on both medium and large. I prefer the medium on me. I actually have one on hold at Sak's....was going to buy it tomorrow, but I'm hoping I can snag it for 30% off. What color do you like, BalenciagaLove? I either want chocolate brown or black.
  15. I am not sure whether this is the ivory or the grey clair. It's the one that looks whitish. I also like chamois but didn't like it much in rl. For 30% off, it's the best sale I've seen!

    Does the medium have all the same pockets as the large but in smaller proportions? Or is the style completely different?