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  1. Hi all and welcome to my world
    i'm your average girl from an average family with an average purse collection and a BIG addiction~ i've only being hooked on the whole designer thing since about a year and a half ago~
    without further ado~ lets get rolling!~

    let's start with my louis vuitton's

    Family Pic

    the Popincourt that i bought myself when i got my first job!

    Vernis Reade PM in Pearle with my Tiffany twilly

    MC Rift for summer! i love this little bag!

    the must have Speedy 30!! it fits the world

    my latest vuitton piece~ Damier Sophie

    my first pochette~ riveting!

    my beloved red Epi wallet which my mum gave me for my 21st birthday! i have used it to death ever since!!~ its getting shinier every day!
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. thanks Vlad!!~ :woohoo:
  4. My Lonely's collection :rolleyes: only a piece or two of each

    Burberry messenger bag and wool scarf~ my travelling duo

    Gucci wristlet and card wallet

    YSL Kahala bag with Dior Play charm lipgloss

    My Aussie brand Oroton~ i used to love this brand before LV came into my life~ i have now sold all but two of my favorite pieces from the name~ monogram tote and cream leather beauty case
  5. my latest buy~ my first Balenciaga bag!! :yahoo:
    the Matelasse in medium~ i'm loving this bag right now!! paired with Dior Pretty Charms chain

  6. Beautiful collection, Kirara, and a great mix of LV in there! Love the Rift, those are gorgeous little bags. And that B-Bag!!! :drool: I've never seen such a thing, it's amazing!!!!!
  7. thanks Frankie :girlsigh: can you tell that i have a thing for small LV purses?~ just like... maybe your agenda addiction... lol :graucho:
  8. LOVE the Matelasse and the Vernis!!
  9. Very nice collection! I love the Balenciaga :biggrin: (& the Tiffany twilly heheh)
  10. Hahhaa, yes.. yes, I definitely am with you on that one! The smaller items though are so cute, and you can have more of them too being cheaper. Oh and you can carry them all together everyday in a bigger bag, whereas you can only carry one big bag! :graucho:

    Almost every item on my wishlist are small pieces. :rolleyes:
  11. oh i LUV your collection!!! :smile:

    i WISH to have a damier azur speedy 30 soon... :girlsigh:AND i LUVVVVV your bedspread.. soooo cute!!! :love: Thanks for sharing your collection with us! :smile:
  12. Beautiful, diverse collection- gorgeous Balenciaga!
  13. LOVE! Great collection! Love the tiff scarf, speedy, sophie, rivets, guccis, and Ortons! Never seen those before but I like the ones you decided to keep.
  14. thank you everyone for your lovely comments :cutesy:

    Frankie~ thats exactly right!~ now looking at your agenda and cles collection~ although i would have no use for either~ your making me wanna get them too!! you bad!~

    twochubbycheeks~ aaww~ your daughter (?) is just too cute :girlsigh: she needs a sac plat!! the azur speedy is great~ its my first speedy and its soooo practical~ i might be adding another speedy to my collection very soon :graucho:
  15. now for the accessories :wlae:

    Pomme Inclusions bangle

    the Twins~ LoVe Bandeau and white MC Bandeau

    Tiffany twilly :love: all the way from the US

    To Be Continued... :okay: