Kipling online stores

  1. I recently got a new laptop and really want to find a new Kipling laptop bag. The problem is that I don't live anywhere near a store that sells this brand. I didn't see any good deals on, so I wanted to ask you all whether you could recommend a good online store for me to shop. Thanks!
  2. My daughter adores Kipling but we are in the UK and I tend to go to Bicester Village or use to get her new pieces. Sorry, am sure someone wise on TPF will be more help!
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  4. Hi Bag-Addict:
    I'm not sure if you got your Kipling bag yet. I was in the Kipling outlet at Woodbury Commons, NY yesterday and was asking them where Kipling bags could be bought in the US outside of the outlets or full-price stores. The salewoman said that although Kipling bags are not as widely available as they are in Europe or South American, she thought that Macys and Bloomingdales were now selling Kipling. I was in a Macys store later in the day, and they had a limited display of Kipling bags. They were next to Lesportsac. This was the first time I saw them in Macys apart from a single messenger bag I saw a few months back in the midst of the clearance items which the saleperson said they had receive by mistake as they don't normally sell Kipling.

    As far as laptop bags go, the range of workbags in Kipling is kind of limited. I like the one called Mandy because it's not too bulky and has a sturdy carring handle on the top. But the laptop sleeve that comes with that is too small for my laptop. And I think the size of the laptop sleeve is standard across all the workbags.
  5. There's a store called Innovations Luggage at the mall that carries Kipling.
  6. I could help you get genuine Kipling bags in US including styles sold outside US. That's how I get my own Kiplings, otherwise very hard to find in US. In my state they are non-existent! Write privately to me (I am contactable on the forum) as I can't give details here.
  7. I had some luck with kipling bags at TJ Maxx but it is always hit or miss. Good luck :smile: