kiowa bag or damier geant yack

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  1. I am thinking about these two bags for my next purchase . Can you give me recommendation which one should I get?

    or If you don't like these two bags, can you give me any advice for next purchase ??:smile:
    (sorry for my bad english)
  2. kiowa over the yack ANY DAY

    its just that simple
  3. [​IMG] this is my favorite!
  4. I prefer the Kiowa. The Yack is a little boring imho.
  5. Oh definitely the Kiowa. It's such a luxurious looking piece. GoodLVck!
  6. thanks everyone! you are right, yack look a little boring...I kinda like kiowa more now.... But I think I will wait for more comment before making final decision....
    to LVuittonLurv: your watercolor bag is absolutely gorgeous! ^^
  7. KIOWA :tup:
  8. definitely the Kiowa :okay:
  9. Kiowa for sure!
    It is beautiful, in a manly sort of way :smile:
  10. KIOWA!!! but if you want to look a bit sporty choose Yack then. I guess I prefer Cougar than Yack ;)

  11. The Yack is fug IMO. The Kiowa is nice, but I still prefer the original Utah tote, the Mohican.
  12. Kiowa definitely! :yes:
  13. The kiowa is just as boring as the yack. both are dark colors... not very flashy but overall I think the kiowa is the better choice, it is much bigger than the yack and seems more functional to me.
  14. I like the Mohican too, but got the Couguar in the end. One day though...! ;)
  15. agree and the Kiowa tote would last more longer than the Damier Geant. :okay: