Kingston work bag?

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  1. I am hunting for a large work bag, something to hold folders, maybe a laptop, water bottle...and most of all, it needs to stand up on its own when you set it down on the floor. I love the LAMB striped interior and organization pockets.

    The Kingston looks like it fits the bill but it's an older style with few choices. I do like how it has structure and can remain upright and open so you can reach in to get your stuff.

    Is there another LAMB style I should investigate that would work?
  2. YES! If you can find a St. Thomas Tote or Grantham - they are great work bags. BUT -- I have to warn you...they get REALLY heavy when loaded with a laptop.

    A Belmond would also work well - it's large enough for everything and has great structure. It's from the Spring 09 line.

    You can also try a newer Williamsfield, but that bag is not as sturdy as the St. Thomas/Grantham and will flop. I'd also be concerned about the weight issues with the laptop.

    Here's some pics:
    lux2-11.jpg lux2-15.jpg lux7-29comp.jpg
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    Ohhh I love the one in Marigold! This is the Grantham in Marigold??

    Where might I find one?
  4. ^ That's the Belmond in Marigold. You might still be able to find one at an Off 5th location. Some still have the Marigold bags.

    You can also post what you're looking for here:

    If gals find it, they will post where or send you a message ;)
  5. I would look for a Grantham, they are sturdy, high quality, and hold exactly what you need. You could also look at a Devon, but the handles aren't as nice on the Devon.

  6. Right on! These are all the bags I use for work, anything else and my files are sticking out. The Williamsfield is the lightest, but I've seen some on eBay with torn handles, so I don't know how well they'd handle a lot of weight on a regular basis... could be ok with a light laptop though. St. Thomas is great, but the Grantham and Belmond are more roomy... if you like long shoulder straps, Belmond has a detachable one which comes in handy.