Kingston work bag?

  1. I am hunting for a large work bag, something to hold folders, maybe a laptop, water bottle...and most of all, it needs to stand up on its own when you set it down on the floor. I love the LAMB striped interior and organization pockets.

    The Kingston looks like it fits the bill but it's an older style with few choices. I do like how it has structure and can remain upright and open so you can reach in to get your stuff.

    Is there another LAMB style I should investigate that would work?
  2. YES! If you can find a St. Thomas Tote or Grantham - they are great work bags. BUT -- I have to warn you...they get REALLY heavy when loaded with a laptop.

    A Belmond would also work well - it's large enough for everything and has great structure. It's from the Spring 09 line.

    You can also try a newer Williamsfield, but that bag is not as sturdy as the St. Thomas/Grantham and will flop. I'd also be concerned about the weight issues with the laptop.

    Here's some pics:
    lux2-11.jpg lux2-15.jpg lux7-29comp.jpg
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    Ohhh I love the one in Marigold! This is the Grantham in Marigold??

    Where might I find one?
  4. I would look for a Grantham, they are sturdy, high quality, and hold exactly what you need. You could also look at a Devon, but the handles aren't as nice on the Devon.

  5. Right on! These are all the bags I use for work, anything else and my files are sticking out. The Williamsfield is the lightest, but I've seen some on eBay with torn handles, so I don't know how well they'd handle a lot of weight on a regular basis... could be ok with a light laptop though. St. Thomas is great, but the Grantham and Belmond are more roomy... if you like long shoulder straps, Belmond has a detachable one which comes in handy.