Kingston or Montego?

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  1. I'm currently trying to decide between a saddle Kingston or Montego. I'm only 5'2'', so I'm thinking that the Montego would look best on me, but I'm also thinking (and tempted) to get the Kingston because it would hold more. Is the Montego really that much smaller? I know that they're essentially the same shape, just two different sizes, and this is why I'm having such a hard time. Hmmm.... choices, choices!
  2. I haven't seen the Kingston, I carry the Montego. It has TONS of room, I can't even fill this bag up! ANd I carry quite a bit of stuff around with me. I'm 5'8" and I think the Montego is the perfect size in this shape. I'd vote Montego :smile:

    Thats just my opinion............
  3. the kingston definitely much much larger.. it fits over your shoulder as well unlike montego that is strictly hand carry unless you have smaller arm (even if that's the case, it's more an armpit bag as knaz always say).. depends on how much you carry in daily basis, i think i still prefer montego over the kingston.. i use my verona (same size as kingston) for school to carry books, laptop, and such.. although textbook & notebook fit in my montego but laptop? not so much.. lol..
  4. I'd go with a Montego. Although it doesn't go over your shoulder (unless you want the armpit bag indi mentioned! lol) it holds a lot while remaining pretty light. It doesn't feel as heavy as my Mandeville and I carry the exact same things in both.
  5. ^ I agree, I vote for the montego. I'm a little over 5'7" and even then the Kingston looks huge on me. If you would really like/need a big bag, it is great for carrying around tons of stuff, but otherwise I think it looks a just a little bit too big for everyday IMHO.
  6. ^ I love both and have both. Really depends on your needs. The Montego does fit alot. I really love my Kingston though b/c of the fact that I can carry over my shoulder plus I use it to carry my baby's it really depends on your needs. If they made a Silver Kingston, I would be all over it...I just never seen one..
  7. I vote for the montego. I love the kingston because I like the look of bigger bags, but it is REALLY big. As big as I would ever want to go and I'm 5'5". If you're 5'2", i bet you'd be happier with a montego.
  8. hm. i posted a pic of me carring my montego (I'm 5'1") somewhere.... (do a quck search on Silver Montego and it'll pop up somewhere in there) I think the kingston would be too overbearing on a small framed person
  9. hahaha..i'm only 5'1". I guess it looks overbearing on me when I carry it.
  10. HBL, could you do a modeling shot with your kingston?:tender: I'm around 5'2/5'3 and I really want one because it holds alot of stuff(and I have 3 kids!) but now I'm not so sure..and I sooo don't want an armpit bag:lol:
  11. Eh.. I can see myself carrying the Kingston around the city and bumping it into everything and everyone i pass.... the corners would get waaay jackedup
  12. maybe not as much as a devon though..?
  13. devon is sort of a hand carry bag for me...
  14. VVV- it's def not an armpit fits over your shoulder no problem.

    I'll get you a modeling shot tomorrow. I'm already in my PJ's and I don't want to embarrass myself on here..:lol:
  15. I am 5'1 and I dont let me height stop me from getting a bag. I love huge bags. I would get the montego though..the kingston is big, and the shape is just to oooo much for me, and that takes alot for me to say.