kingsley bags

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  1. hi fellow tPFers,
    i read about kingsley bags on bagsnob
    does anyone have one and can tell us about it
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    The Schiller Bag in Ostrich $1,375. The cool grey and adorable pink are both hard to resist, I am leaning more towards the grey though.

    The SouthPort Traveler in Ostrich $2,125- This is to die, I want the white ostrich traveler, it will match my white ostrich Hermes Kelly bag for weekend trips! (white not shown, go to the website to see!)
    (Taken from the "Bagsnob" site)

    They look nice-but really pricey!:smile:
  3. I read this on bagsnob too! I LOVE the schiller in those colors! And the prices aren't bad for exotics.