King of Prussia meet?

  1. I was wondering if there was anyone interested in a meet at KOP (outside of Philadelphia) we could shop and have lunch at cheesecake(or wherever!) anyone anyone?
  2. ohhhh come on
  3. I am wanting to get to that mall, really, but am out of the metro ny/nj area until late august.

    yeah - that is some mall.
    it is where I purchased my bosphore sac to go with m Pegase60.

    ahhhh, memories.

    Anyway, I would go if I closer for the summer, and oh I love the cheesecake factory too.

    best, and I will look for future meets!
  4. I go there all the time......I would
  5. okay
    if only we had more people
  6. Brock, How about joining us in Short Hills? Tee Hee!
  7. Jill, we must have run in to each other many times without knowing it...I used to be there all the time.

    See you in SH!! Cant wait!

    Oh and I am always game to go to KOP if more want to go!
  8. Im 20 mins from KOP!!!
  9. I grew up in Doylestown, just went to Haring's today too :smile:
  10. hey designingstyle, when are you gals going to shorthills? my bf lives there and im trying to get him to take me!
  11. ps. by "there" i meant Jersey, not the actual mall hahaha. though wouldnt that be a GREAT place to live???!!!

  12. thats awesome!!! are you no longer in d-town?
  13. No, I moved a while ago but I am only 30 min away. Its so crowded now, not like it used to be many moons ago :smile:
  14. status of this? i have never gone to KOP. if this is not a reason i do not know what is.
  15. Often rest my shopping tired, Louis-inspired feet. I'm a guy also. What would we do, buy Louis and then have lunch talking about Taiga and chicks?:confused1:
    Would that be fun for anyone else than me?