King of Prussia mall

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  1. Does anyone know what the inventory is like at that store?
  2. ^ honestly..They never have too much in stock with bags...The store is tiny...and I was unimpressed with the SA's there.I bought 2 pairs of shoes and one bag there over 10 years..LOL..that says alot..Not much to buy in there.
  3. They have a few bolides, evelyns, garden partys, other leather bags (I don't know enough about names yet), an occasional kelly, scarves, wallets, etc. It is a very small store.
  4. I have a girlfriend that lives near there and she tells me that store is so dry it is pathetic!

    She can enter it on any day at any time and there is little stock. Not even worth a visit, so I am told.
  5. There isnt much there. Plus the SA's weren't friendly to my friend who really wanted to go there.
  6. It is a tiny store, mostly good for scarves, or little gifts, the occasional bag, saw an evelyne once, and a plume another time, almost no leather sadly! I allways feel like I am in an airport boutique when I am there.
    It is about the size (maybe tiny bit bigger) than the manhasset, N.Y. store. If you are already in the building, then look in, it is not worth a special trip.:flowers:
  7. Very tiny store, I was there once BEFORE I got into my Hermes addiction! Not worth a trip. If you can go to KOP then you can make it here to NY. This is so worth the trip!
  8. How are the SAs in the New York store? I feel a bit intimidated walking in there ... I mean, isn't it the biggest store? They have tons of tourists and buyers everyday, I'd be an amoeba admist all the big fish.:Push:
  9. Kou, your money and person is just as good as anyone elses!

    Don't let them intimidate you.
  10. Gosh, I will be the lone voice of dissent. I LOVE that store, even though I am much, much closer to NYC. I found that the KOP SAs are so lovely and inviting! They do keep certain bags in the back and will only bring them out for you to play with if they think you are "serious" about Hermes. Doesn't mean that you have to be serious about spending money, either (at least in my experience). While the store is very tiny, they have beautiful china (I have the Africa pattern), tons of scarves, lots of bracelets and accessories and quite a few interesting bags. I've bought many bags there (some of which I no longer own) as well as tons of scarves, accessories, bracelets, perfume, china, etc. I like the individual attention you get in a smaller store. That having been said, walking into Hermes NYC is like walking into Wonderland! LOL!
  11. It's a tiny store and, though I've never purchased a bag, I have bought a bracelet, scarf, etc. from that store, I've never noticed many bags though...... I actually think it can be an intimate little store, expecially when it's kinda empty and you get a real nice SA like I have the couple of times I've purchased there.....I'm actually going to be there tomorrow, I'll report back my experience, I want to check out some of their small leather goods, I would love a kelly or a birkin but it's just not my time yet.......maybe one day.....and you're not gonna find one at this location anyway....def. not worth making a special trip for, I'm just going to be in KOP for a lunch meeting....
  12. Lola, Kellys come through KOP all the time! I even tried on a JPG shoulder Birkin there. Just have to be there at the right time (and you never know when THAT will be)! My current orders are through that store so they have a very special place in my heart. :love:
  13. Yeah, I'm sure I've never been in the right place at the right time so to say, actually not ready to make that purchase anyway.....but I love to visit and leave with a little something when I can......
  14. I live in Maryland and I much prefer the Tysons store because the SAs are more friendly to myself and my friend when we go in there. Our experience at KOP was not great. I'm not going to rant about it, because that's not me. I just choose to shop elsewhere. However, Ninja Sue, I'm glad that you've had good experiences there finding the items you wanted. It's nice to see someone speaking of good experiences.