King of Prussia event

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  1. Has anyone been invited/attending the event at LV King of Prussia this Thursday? My SA called and invited me to see the new spring line (6-9PM).
    Just wondering if any other tpfer will be there.
  2. I'll be there! What are you going to wear?
  3. I was invited, but I can't go :sad:
  4. Don't know yet. I'll probably be using a Personalized Mono Speedy with the initials JH. Look for me.
  5. I'll be there also. Deciding what bag I am going to use. Probably the Pochette Bosphore. Wish you could make it Tosh! I'd love to see you again.
  6. Hi KC,
    It would be so nice to see you again also!
    Wish I could go, but we are leaving for vacation soon and I am just so busy.
    Have a great time!