Kindness in Hermes! - Vancouver B.C.

  1. Just thought I'd share my Sister's little experience at H - Vancouver. Since I talk non stop about Hermes, my sister , on a weekend trip to Vancouver, stopped in the Hermes Boutique to check out the tack situation there. (She's a horsey girl!) Well, they did have a saddle on display, so in talking to a very gracious SA, it came out that one of her beloved horses had passed away. (This happened last winter and she took it really hard!) Her heart still breaks for her beloved "Sunday's Pride". :crybaby:She couldn't fight the tears, and broke down! This SA was so incredibly kind to her! . . .plying her with perfume samples , le Monde, and an orange gift bag! (Which she so kindly passed on to me! - Bless her heart!!) She was able to help the SA with some questions about tack etc, since they don't seem to get alot of cowgirls in Downtown Vancouver these days! (I think she has her eye on that saddle tho'!)
  2. ^ What a lovely story. I have always had great experiences at that store. The staff is very gracious.
  3. What a sweet story of interaction between two very kind people.
  4. What a sweet story...brought a little tear to my eye too! I MUST visit the Vancouver store when I am there at the end of the month.

    Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  5. Nice story! The SAs at the Vancouver store have been nice, and I only just moved to BC a couple of months ago.
  6. I was in the Vancouver store a couple of weeks ago and found all the SAs I met wonderful too.
  7. The vancouver store is great. I always have a great time when I go there.
  8. How sweet....It's amazing how those sadnessses bubble up when you least expect them....I am glad there was a kind soul there for your sister!

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very nice.
  10. That's so sweet. Hugs to your sister, sad that she still grieves for "Sunday's Pride"; she must have loved him very much.
  11. RIP Sunday's Pride.
    Those SA's at that store are really nice.
  12. What a nice experience for your sister - thanks for sharing the story :smile:
  13. temo, it is always nice to hear the great SA stories. I'm glad that she took the time to talk to your sister. :heart:
  14. What a lovely story!!!! HOORAY for kind SA's.........
  15. It is very lovely indeed to hear a story about a kind and sensitive SA :smile: