Kinda sucky

  1. Why can't Dior open up in Sweden and in Denmark?
    Going home for a visit this summer and I would very much like to purchase a Dior purse. But I can't since we don't have a Dior store anywhere close.

    And for Canada..where I live right now..Toronto is the closest but it takes 24 hours to drive there.

    Sorry I just had to complain.
  2. sorry to hear that.. What about if you order thru eluxury? Do they ship internantional?
  3. No they don't. Only to the US i believe :sad:
  4. perhaps you could ring up a dior in europe (paris?) and ask if they'd allow you to do a phone order?

    ah but i understand your predicament. i don't live in a city where there's a dior and need to get on the train and take an hour's ride to the nearest city (manchester) where dior is. even then, the selection there is pretty limited.
  5. AWWWW!

    I just had a wicked awesome idea in my mind!!!! I think Dior at Holt Renfrew in Toronto can ship around Canada! I've never asked before but since US boutiques sometimes do that, I think they can do that too!

    Here's the number to the Toronto Dior accessories and handbags counter:

    (416) 960-7818

    I hope this works!!!
  6. Sorry about that!! reading your post make me so grateful that I live somewhere close to almost every brand imaginable (although I still complain about the drive!) I'm the type that HAVE to see the purse in person, try it on before buying...
  7. Thank you MayDay! Im gonna give em' a call =)

    Yeah blue, im kinda like that too, but ordering works fine too.

    I also thought about threatening the pilot to land on heathrow on the way home so I can shop in the Dior boutique :nuts:

    I acctually landed there the last time I flew here..but I didn't even have any time to look because I got delayed from my previous plane..:crybaby:

  8. but then as far as i remember Dior at Heathrow doesnt have a big choice :s imagine if the pilot would do u a favour and you wouldnt buy anything :sweatdrop: ... U better plan a longer break between the planes when in London and hit Sloane`s Street boutique ! :yes:
  9. ah well some gals are just lucky ...where do you live blue just out of curiosity ?:confused1: :yes:
  10. I know the feeling. :sad:

    I live in finland and we dont have any luxury brands here. Dior should open online boutiques for scandinavian countries, since we dont have any shops in here. I really wonder why there is no Dior boutique in sweden, when there's Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc.. :confused1:
  11. Yeah, I guess the Dior boutique wasn't huge, but from never have seen any to something, haha I wouldnt care!

    Yah, I always wonderd that too. Why we don't have a Dior boutique. Copenhagen is much closer to me than Stockholm though but they dont have it either :confused1: :crybaby:
  12. I agree! It sucks that there are no stores here. :cursing: I live in Denmark and I can't go to a shop and see and thouch the bags before purchasing.
    I know Birger Christensen in Copenhagen have some Dior but not a lot!
    I would LOVE it if they opened a store here!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Oh me2! Rather Copenhagen than Stockholm lol. Hrm..where is Birger Christensen? I always walk on Ströget(sorry cant make a danish ö)and Im not familiar with it. I never walk into the side streets lol. I wish magasin or Illum would start selling Dior :yes:
  14. Sorry about that. But atleast you know if you do drive for a while, you are bound to get something, since you drove all that way! Are there any department stores in Sweden & Denmark? Alot of department stores like Saks, Bergdorfs, Neimans etc. sell dior.
  15. No ... swedish department stores do not sell Dior products. I'ts strange that in stockholm there are couple of shops where you can buy Marc Jacobs, Chloe and other designer clothing and accessories, but no Dior.

    I hate to say this but many people here in finland think Dior as a tacky brand with logos everywhere.. I guess it's same with sweden.