Kinda sucks giving false hope...what do you guys think?

  1. A long while ago I gave an employee at the Beverly Center LeSportsac my contact information because we got into a long conversation (after I bought a bunch of stuff) about Tokidoki. I asked her what they do with all the Tokidoki displays, wall decals, etc. when they are done with them. Anyway, long story short...she said they send back whatever LeSportsac requests and everything else gets trashed or goes to customers that want it. She asked me if I would want all the stuff they don't have to send back and I said DEFINATELY yes. So she took all my details and promised to contact me when the stuff was available because basically I was the first/only person who asked. So now today I'm parousing eBay (ugh) and I see several auctions from an employee of BC LeSportsac (she identified herself as such) for the wall decals, display, etc. I understand people want to make money but this just disgusted me. I mean, why give someone false hope? Sorry for the rant. I was just kinda pissed when I saw this.
  2. Are you sure that it is the woman that you spoke to selling the items? It could be someone else that works there that knows that they could make a lot selling the items.
  3. OMG that sucks....I would be so mad if someone did something like that to me!

    But, Littlesinner... props on the great idea. I never thought of asking LeSportsac for their decorations!
  4. It'd be really cool to have decorations, but I have nowhere to put them, so it'd become clutter around the house.
  5. Littlesinner - The person who made those eBay listings actually e-mailed me to tell me that she had listed them! (why, I don't know.) I think the auction with the starting bid of $300 is completely absurd.
  6. bait-and-switch is always uncool in my book.
  7. Yes it is... and I will also add that the same person selling the display items on eBay once offered to sell me a tokidoki bag and when I said I was interested, wound up selling it on eBay for more money instead (without ever telling me until many months later). So it's probably the same person that gave Littlesinner false hope.
  8. I've asked our LeSportsac before if people could have the displays after they're done with them but they said they're not allowed to give them away. They just store them away... and I guess they just end up collecting dust. :shrugs:
  9. I know that for a lot of stores I've worked at, we were usually required to store the decorations or ads and they got sent back to the company once their display run was over. There were sometimes a lot of people asking because they liked the celebrities in the ads or something, and my boss once told me that we were required to send them back because the companies paid for the use in advertisements, not to have the person/artwork hang in someone's bedroom. I guess some people are just really greedy and sneak them away after people ask about them thinking that they can sell them for money.
  10. You could direct Lesportsac officials to her ebay selling pages. Maybe she'll get into trouble.
  11. i just saw your post...i used to work there too...we used to give away the displays...then the corporate offices said that we werent allowed to give them to customers anymore...which totally sucked i was one of my favorite things to do...customers would get so exicited for the was really cool to make someones day like that (especially since the job was basically disappointing people because of the anti customer friendly return policy...and how we werent going to carry tokidoki anymore)
    ...they said that only employees could take them home..and that if we were caught givign them away to customers we would get in trouble...i never took any home myself...and i dont know who is selling them...but i was told directly that only the employees ourselves could take them home...and that they didnt care what we did with them from there.
  12. just curious... why exactly does it matter if an employee takes it home or gives it to a customer?

    and the person selling them can be found on craigslist also :shrugs: they have more stuff that pops up there
  13. The SA at our LeSportsac also told me that they are not allowed to give the displays to customers. That once the displays are used, they are usually destroyed or stored for later use.
  14. i would get fired from ym job if i did something like that, where i work we get random stuff and promos from time to time.
  15. I agree. It seems really unethical to me for someone to take home what was company property and then make a personal profit by selling it for outrageous money. Someone should at least report it to LeSportsac, and let them decide how they feel about her profitting from their property!