Kinda silly question-help with tan matte please!

  1. So...I've been thinking more and more about a bag for summer and I keep coming back to the tan matte...this is going to sound totally crazy but I've never had anything tan before-shock!! :p If I wear a lot of dark clothes (lots of black and darker washed jeans) then would I be able to get good use out of a tan bag? What colors does tan look the best with?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!!
  2. I had a lot of trouble with tan matte and denim transfer. Even with jeans that I had worn and washed a bunch of times. If you like dark denim - be warned!! Or, pick a sytle that hangs up high enough that it won't rub your denim. It is a pretty summer color though!
  3. Tan is my favorite BE leather for spring and summer. It is totally neutral and looks great with just about every color. I have not had an issue with color transfer, but only because I tend to just carry my bags.
  4. Tan looks amazing with dark jeans and a white shirt or with the summer neutrals of khaki, stone and white. Black and tan is a classic combo too. I love my Tan Matte Hold Me!
  5. Tan looks good with just about anything. There was picture of me wearing a black shirt and a tan adore me somewhere on here but I can't seem to find it anymore.
  6. I think tan looks great with anything, too.

    In fact, this pic has made me start thinking about a tan bag:

  7. Great example in that picture, slsk, Reese looks fabulous, I just love her.

    I think Tan Matte is one of the ultimate classics.
  8. Having 5 Tan bags, I'm a tad biased. :blush:

    You can't go wrong with Tan!
  9. I have a matte tan SMM. The leather is beautiful and it goes with everything!
  10. Tan is a year - round classic that goes with pretty much everything. :love:
  11. Thanks for the feedback! But now I'm craving something pebbled glossy in another Hug Me or an Adore Me...gosh this never ends!
  12. I have a tan WTM and to my absolute surprise that is my FAVOURITE ever! I got it at a sale, and I love it way more than all my other BEC'd ones. The leather and the color is just gorgeous, and the leather has developed a very nice patina/slight sheen after some use, love it! I don't have any problems with color transfer with dark denim tho. I'm always tempted to get another something in tan matte :graucho:
  13. does the tan matte develop a patina over time?
    (believe it or not, I have what seems like a gagillion BE's and I have never owned matte tan)
  14. LOL! Too funny!:biggrin:
  15. My Tan WTM has developed a slight sheen.....don't know if it qualifies as a patina, but it's very smooth, soft, and silky.

    How about an EM in matte tan????!!!!:graucho: