Kinda scary about old B-bags?

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  1. I was checking out the ateliernaff site, trying as always to get info about Balenciaga bags. I was reading about their early bags and was startled to read:

    ....."Trivia B: The changes in size, hardware, and technique came about when Balenciaga switched to a new factory under Gucci Group. This means the early bags can't be repaired by Balenciaga!..."

    I'd really like to get an older bag - but that's kind of scary news, no?
  2. honestly, from what i've heard, balenciaga isn't that great about repairing the newer bags either. i wouldn't worry about it, from my experience, balenciagas are fairly durable.
  3. Hasn't stopped me, beaugoris! ;) I have a few bags in that category. I just thought it was an interesting bit of trivia - but amanda's right, it's not like Balenciaga is all that helpful to start with, really...
  4. That's funny, beauxgoris, I just read that too the other day, but I thought the same thing as amanda and LP: you are pretty much on your own anyways, and there are a lot of really good places where I live that can do repairs.
  5. no one compares to LV or Hermes when it comes to repairability over time, unfortunetly! I wish they were... I guess we just have to hope that our bags are going to be durable over time.
  6. not scary to me at all!

    honestly.. my first season le dix bags look brand new! ;) never had a problem ever with any of my bbags needing repairs (thankfully)
  7. ladies, remember there are NO REAL BALENCIAGA BAGS SOLD ONLINE!!! I have made that mistake.
  8. sure there are., cultstatus.whateveraustralia'sdomanis, etc.
  9. Louiseypeasey, I could not agree more with this statement. I think you mean Balenciaga as in BNY, right?

    BTW, how in the world does anyone get the SA's at BNY to reply to any inquiries via voicemail/email or do they just ignore them? Just curious.
  10. Why is their customer service so awful? I hate when a company has poor customer relations....
  11. I'm not sure although I have some opinions.

    I'll start with CS at BNY is mediocre at best and at times awful, because that's what they choose to do. The management sets the tone for customer service. The SA's are modeling a particular CS style or lack thereof that is tolerated and perhaps even encouraged.

    They have a product that people want and they play that card very well. There isn't any incentive for them to give great customer service as long as they're moving inventory and making a healthy profit.

    As long as the customer continues to patronize their store and spend their money at BNY, this will enable them to continue their "poor customer relations." Why would they change?

    The turnover is high there too. Unfortunately, the helpful and great
    SA's eventually leave and who can blame them.
  12. BTW, how in the world does anyone get the SA's at BNY to reply to any inquiries via voicemail/email or do they just ignore them? Just curious.

    They replied to my email after 4 days! But of course I have to bombard them with emails first...Maybe it would help if you put the name of the SA(in bold letters) besides the subject.
  13. Thank you for your reply Mariz. I have done as you suggested in the past when I used to buy from them, but alas to no avail. It was an act in futility. I have very little patience for rude behavior.
  14. ^^That's really sad. It makes me not want to purchase any more of their bags - but then of course I come to my senses...
  15. balenciaga is soooo limited in availability (probably second only to hermes that i can think of) that the SAs at Bal NY hold the upper hand in the whole interaction. they may very well be the only way to get a certain bag that you're looking for, and you'll buy it no matter what, so they can act like whatever they feel like.