Kinda too good?

  1. I won this beautiful Hamptons Carryall last night on eBay for only $189.36. I'm patting myself on the back but at the same time that little bug at the back of my mind is wondering how she let it go for so little. This bag is fairly new and is still listed on Coach website for $358. Even with PCE discount, this bag would have cost her $268.

    Have you ladies seen this at the outlets? Could it have been a return? Even so, to let it go for $189??

    I'm don't think it is a fake, the pics look really good and the seller has good feedback.

    What are your opinions? I guess if my bag never arrives, I'll get my answer! :nuts:
  2. It looks okay to me and it matches the drilldown.
  3. It looks real to me! You got a great deal Congrats!!!
  4. Many of the CT sellers use points they earned at the casino to buy bags. I'm not sure how it all works, but there are several sellers who posted the receipt and it said "players points redeemed" or something. I'd imagine they are not spending much on the bags (if anything...not sure how points work). I'd say you just got an awesome deal! Congrats!!!!
  5. That is a good price...good deal...bag look real and in great shape...I wouldn't worry about price, it's not too low.
  6. I didn't even know that was possible! Guess that shows you how frequently I hit the casinos, LOL!
  7. I didn't either! My casinos don't do that (not that I go that often anyway). I just wonder how much you have to spend to get enough points for a coach lol.
  8. The bag does look good. Congrats!! I've sold my Coach bags on eBay for less than what I'd paid for (even though they were NWT's) because I just needed the $$ and just had to reduce my collection (with DH's urging) so I can see how great deals like this can happen. I hope you enjoy your new purchase - she's a beauty!!
  9. she may not have expected it to go for so little.. it's happened to me before.
  10. The bag looks authentic AND you got a great deal on it Knuttybar! :yes:

    BTW--This has happened to me too!

  11. My local Macy's has something like that (from the same line) on sale 30% and my Aunt will often purchase Coach items on sale + her Macy's employee discount and then list it on ebay or have one of her sisters do it. I'm usually inclined to trust prices like that when everything else looks good. Plus bidding may just not have gone as high as the seller hoped it would.
  12. I have the same bag in brown. I will tell you I got it at a department store for 165.00. I think a lot of places put them on sale since they were not selling to make room for the new stuff. I love this bag
  13. Awesome...thanks everyone for your input! Now I'm even more excited about getting this bag!
  14. she might have a relative or friend who works at coach, let her use her discount then decided she didn't like the bag?

    i wish i worked there. but i'd end up owing them money. :sweatdrop:
  15. FYI, I just won a medium hamptons carryall on ebay for $132!! I have been watching them for a few days and noticed that many of them seemed to be going for $130-$180 depending on the time of day!