Kinda sad, but I'll be okay....r/o

  1. Ladies, I've made up my mind and thanks to the PF members for your advice. So the Chanel black pony-hair tote that I was in love with a few days ago....(it should be at my doorstep by tomorrow)... I am returning it.:sad:

    Reasons why:
    1. Can only wear it in the winter time.
    2. Pony hair may one day get ruined&bald on me.
    3. My gf just bought this exact bag. I found out yesterday that she just bought this bag. Its her very first Chanel bag & if we both have the exact same bag then she might be irritated.

    I have reserved the Chanel Square Vintage shoulderbag that Goldensx5 also has. Its more practical than pony-hair, thats for sure.
    I have not completely made up my mind...its the style that I love but either in black or bordeaux??

    Girls if anyone has pics of the bordeaux, please woud help greatly in my decision making.

    P.S. Went ahead and purchased the Fendi Spy in metallic gold/silver at NeimanMarcus online. :yahoo:
  2. Lieu, It was a good decision to return the bag. I have a pony-hair bag and it became ruined so fast. I barely even wore it, and it started balding quickly, and so hard to maintain. I think you will love the Chanel Square Vintage shoulderbag and will be so happy with no regrets.

    P.S. Congrats on your spy bag
  3. Lieu, I think you will be very happy with the new SV bag you decided on. I too am attracted to Pony hair bags because they are so luxurious looking, and last winter I got a Bbag camel City & JL brown tote in pony hair. But upon getting both I turned around and returned them for the same reasons (fear of losing hair & winter use only) and I felt sad about it too because they were lovely. But, you'll love your new choice and get so much more use from it.
    As far as colors, I won't be able to help. If the bordeaux looks like the bordeaux on my fall '06 reissue, then it will be stunning. If it looks like the washed out bordeaux on the PNY bags, I'm not sure you would like it. I think Macp6 has a bordeaux SV tote coming to her so maye she knows what the color is like.
    And congratulations on ordering a new Fendi Spy (sounds very pretty)! :smile:
  4. The pony hair tote just came in half an hour ago. I'm definitely returning it. Not very big and it will be very hard to care for:smile: I know I will just love the SV Chanel. Leaning more towards black:yahoo: