Kinda Personal, but Need Guidance...

  1. I have been feeling pretty blue lately. Pretty much the standard symptoms of depression, minus any suicidal thoughts, etc. My life is pretty darn good - I have a good job, a good husband, an adorable dog, a house, and I'm in grad school to step my career up a notch. I don't really feel that stressed out, and truthfully, I don't feel like there is any situation that is causing any of my depression feelings.

    Has anyone else just felt depressed but for no reason? I'd like to get myself out of feeling like this but going to a therapist doesn't really seem to make sense because I don't really have issues to work through. Depression runs in my family so part of me wonders if I should be on some sort of meds.

    Who is the best type of doc to see? Would my General Practitioner be the one to see first, since I'm not in need of any talk therapy?

    I'm hoping there's someone else out there who has dealt with a similar situation...thanks in advance.
  2. As depression runs in your family I would definitely go to your doctor, he may describe some anti-depressants?
  3. Agree, though it would also be a good idea he refers you to a therapist...just to talk and see where this feeling come from, I feel it'd be strange to just take anti depressants without knowing for sure why.
  4. That's the thing - I'm not depressed about anything in my life - it's all going well! That's why I'm so confused, I'm not sure where to turn because I feel like if I sit down with a therapist I'm not going to have anything to talk about.
  5. It does sound like maybe you have a chemical imbalance since you say you have nothing to really be sad about. Just be careful with antidepressants too, though. A lady I know on another board has just gotten off of Effexor and she's had to miss like a week's work. The withdrawal has been awful for her. My doc had prescribed Lexapro for me a little while back, and I took it short-term, but it didn't seem to really do anything for me so I stopped taking it. After I was prescribed Lexapro, I was reading up on it on the Internet, and apparently it can have some horrific withdrawal symptoms too. Good luck with whatever you do.
  6. Giraffe, I used to be in your position - no reason to feel sad, but nonetheless sad. I saw a psychiatrist, and turned out it was indeed a chemical imbalance; tried a few different meds, and ended up finding one that works. I'm very happy now, but not artificially so - I just feel "even." I highly recommend talking to your physician for a referral. Good luck!
  7. Depression can strike any of us at any time. An event or a lifestyle doesn't necessarily have to trigger it. Having been diagnosed with chronic depression 11 years ago at age 40, I can attest to that. Everything a person could want was mine and yet I was terribly sad, cried a lot for no reason, felt restless, overwhelmed by life, couldn't sleep at night and yet was exhausted all day. There were other problems too, straight off of the list of depression symptoms one sees in magazines.

    I went to my primary care doctor who was unable to help me so I gathered up all my courage and called a psychotherapist. It took a lot of nerve...I was terrified. I had never known anyone who gotten mental health help before.

    I did go through five years of psychotherapy and have been on an anti-depressant all of these 11 years and the quality of my life has increased beyond anything imaginable. The therapy helped somewhat, but I honestly think the medication to stabilize my chemical imbalance is really what has made the difference.

    Good luck to you. I really think it is a good idea to be evaluated for depression by a therapist.