Kinda OT: Cell Lanyards & Iphone???

  1. I love my Coach Cell phone lanyards (I have a RAZR) but was considering trying for an IPhone tomorrow...

    I may be crazy but one of my +/- factors in deciding if I want one is if the Iphone has a place for my Coach Lanyards?! Does anyone know?

    I really need a 12 step program!:nuts:
  2. I don't know the answer but its a good question, I need a new phone and was thinking about the iphone
  3. are you sure you want an iphone right away?
    they are already saying its buggy and it is running on an old network, the additional $40-$50 service charge on top of the cell plan, it only is 8GB so it holds like 2000 songs.

    I would wait until they get the bugs worked out and then the price will drop a little

    I like having my phone and ipod separate, I don't want to have to pay extra to use an ipod
  4. I wish the enV (Verizon) had a place for a lanyard! :sad: The Coach ones are so cute!
  5. The slower network is definately on my minus list, but according to the website I'll only have to add a $20 data plan to my existing plan... As far as the 8GB, I have a Video Ipod now & usually only have about 250 songs on it at any one time.... Apple usually produces some pretty solid stuff so I'm not overly concerned about the bugs (can't be worse than the ones my RAZR is having right now!!) I've also heard there won't be much (if any) price drop.
  6. I was thinking about the iphone too. But after doing research on it, I am not going to get it anymore. The data charge alone is $60 extra per month on top of your regular plan rate. The SA at Cingular told me you can't get the minimum data plan due the amount of extra data the iphone uses. So you have to get the one thats about $60. There are also various problems with the phone that I heard about on NPR and in Newsweek.

    But I too need a new phone and will prolly get a blackberry pearl or something I dunno. I have a hot pink Razr right now. I would like to get a Coach lanyard to put on it. I hope the candy key fob design comes out in the lanyard design. Right now I have a swarovski USC lanyard on my phone LOL! I gotta have some Trojan pride haha! ;)
  7. I wouldn't necessarily believe the store SA's (they've been known to lie to get bigger sales - a friend of mine used to work for them)... according to this you CAN get the $20 data plan...
    Existing AT&T Customers

    If you’re already an AT&T customer and want to keep your current voice plan, you can just add an iPhone Data Plan with unlimited data (email and web) and Visual Voicemail for just $20 per month.
  8. the japanese phones (like motorola and samsung) tend to have the loops for the lanyard, while the american phones (like LG) tend to not.

    if i were you, i'd wait to get the iphone after the 2nd generation has come out. the first always has bugs and probs, and the price is too ridiculously high. the phone itself is at least $600, or something like that. plus all the newspapers have published articles stating that the monthly plan for the iphone only come in three different types, the cheapest being $60/month for 450 minutes. i'd rather wait and keep my current razr and plan.

    btw...i have a coach lanyard on my razr, and i love it! i have the one with the yellow moon and silver star with crystals on it...but two of the crystals fell out a few months ago. :sad:
  9. Slightly OT but the Apple store is next door to Coach, and when I went to pick up my order there were people lined up with chairs outside the door. I want one, but I may wait until around Christmas....unless I get the red Treo that I also want....
  10. LOL! It does have a place for a lanyard! I dont have one but im 95% sure it does. My friend had one for about 2 weeks until she switched to a different phone but I recall her having a lanyard hanging from her phone. Unless she attatched it some other way???