Kinda Odd Question

  1. Okay.
    this question is for those who have wallets.
    I am getting a new french purse and i'm afraid to
    put change in it even though i bought it for the change
    purse. I had a D&B coin purse and the coins made it really black inside.
    Do any of you use the change compartment? if so how do you keep the inside clean?:p
  2. I don't have wallet with a coin compartment, but I would still use the coin compartment anyway if I did have one. You could always use a damp cotton swab or cotton ball to clean the compartment every now and them. If you still feel uncomfy about using the coin compartment, I suggest buying a Cles or a Porte Monnaie Rond.
  3. I use my white MC heart as my change purse. I just put appleguard conditioner on the inside and went with it. It's fine.
  4. I take my change out of my wallet when I use an LV, every day; and drop in piggy bank for next LV purchase. I like the idea of appleguard and also cotton ball, and will have to try both of these...
  5. Cool.
    That sounds like a good idea.
    I think I will try the appleguard
  6. i have a black epi french purse and a tresor in monogram that i am using right now. at first i was hesitant to put change in them because i didn't want that metal smell, but the wallets are fine...they are still clean and they don't smell!
  7. I have the MC french. my change pocket got really dirty so the other I took a white pencil eraser to the inside, and not it looks brand new again. Not a single black or dirty mark.
  8. Wipe down the inside with baby wipes.. it works great.
  9. I have two french purses and I use the coin compartment for extra credit cards or receipts instead of coins. I put my coins in an inexpensive Kitson pouch. I don't like how wallets feel heavy when coins are in them.
  10. I put coins in my damier wallet and haven't noticed a problem - mostly loonies and toonies, don't know if Canadian coins are made of different material, but I dont see marks from them.
  11. I put coins in my pomme french purse and so far no problems.:tup:
  12. I have mono french purse that I use every day. Just a wipe down with baby wipes, then a dry paper towel cleans it up. I do that every week or two.
  13. I use the mr. clean magic eraser on my white mc pti and it works great.
  14. I have a zippy and put change in it all the time.
  15. Use the wallet as it was meant to be used. Coin dirt can come out. My wallets (Vernis snap billfold and Vernis PTI) have leather lining, and they just don't get all that dirty. I enjoy my stuff and use it...that is what makes sense to me. It's an impulse to be protective, but really, these expensive things were built to hold up.