Kinda Mad

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  1. That Denaros cost so much.:cursing: I'd rather have a bag. I really want one but don't want to spend a lot. Maybe I should hold out for awhile and see what comes up at the outlet. I would take one in just about anything.
  2. Yeah, check the outlets or LJ...there's always some deals on denaros out there.
  3. yeah i know how u feel denaros are so close to a purse price id rather just buy a dolce!
  4. I'm a bit mad about mine because, save the design, it's the most useless wallet I've ever had! I NEED more than two slots for cards!
  5. Maybe you can get one of those plastic credit card holders to put inside the denaro? I'm a person that likes to carry a lot of stuff in my wallet, so what I did was used the two card slots for my ID, paper cards like First Aid/CPR, and my debit card. Then I use the coin slot to hold about 5 cards, including a couple of credit cards, Costco card, etc. And then I have a little Pochacco tin to carry coins. It worked to my advantage because now I don't carry what I really don't need anymore as far as cards go.

    So yeah, maybe use plastic credit card holders?
  6. :lol: I agree but I just had to have a denaro in amore :shrugs: I really don't know why either... maybe it was because it was easy to find one I really really liked compared to the other prints. But I agree it's pretty useless... I want a long wallet for like a checkbook to come out!
  7. Ah, I never pay for anything but mail-out bills by check.
  8. I don't plan on buying any Denaro for the exact same reason. Too impractical for me. Same goes for the Bocce.
  9. I actually can fit like 4 or 5 credit cards in each slot. So I carry around 10 cards in my wallet. At first I was annoyed at how small it is but it seems to be okay for me!
  10. i prefer those longer wallets too :] even if i don't use checks.. the denaros are cute but i don't think i'll ever get one either.. too pricey for such a small wallet...
  11. cards also fit in the coin zipper part!
  12. And that is the same reason why I do not own a denaro. I really want one. I'm debating on getting one from an outlet though but it has to be of a print that I really love.
  13. I didn't think I would but I love my Denaros. I put several cards in each slot.
  14. I always thought that the Denaro was too small for me, since I carry the world in my wallet.. hah.. But, hearing Maya_Exquisite's tip, I might just buy one... =)
  15. I always thought the denaro was too small, but I just shove all the grocery store cards and stuff in the change pocket. It works fine as long as you don't need to get anything out in a hurry.