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  1. OK, apologies for a somewhat off-topic question, but I can't find/think of any better place to ask this one...

    A few years ago, I left Hawaii for six months on deployment. Knowing that everything would be covered with mold after six months in the humid environment, I left jars of CaCl (road salt pellets, basically) around the place to absorb moisture. It worked too well... I ended up with puddles of saltwater all over the apartment where the jars overflowed. Worse, one of the jars was on a top shelf in my closet and dripped saltwater down on my biker jacket. The salt drew the moisture out of the leather, leaving a tough, puckered, dessicated streak.

    Now, I can't imagine that I can restore the leather to perfect condition, and I don't really need to. It's a beat-up biker jacket - it's already scarred and worn. It doesn't have to look great, but it's currently unwearable due to the collar and some of the shoulder being stiff and warped. If anyone has experience with saltwater and leather, I figure it'll be the ladies and their handbags... so, any advice on rehabilitating this leather? Any preferred re-moisturizing techniques or products?


    Sidenote: everything was covered with mold anyway :sad:
  2. I would take it to a professional ASAP.
  3. Also, would recommend posting this thread in the clothing section of this forum-- you might get more specific responses. Good luck!
  4. I, too, would bring it straight to the pros. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks much for the replies; professional assistance seems to be the consensus on a few other forums (fora?) as well. I'll try to find a good cobbler or leather shop here in Lansing.

    Thanks again!